YogaDirect Supportive Yoga Bolster Review


Highest Rated Yoga Bolster from YogaDirect


1. YogaDirect SupportiveBenefits:

It’s made with 100% cotton, which makes it safe for anyone.

It has a removable cover, so that you’ll have an easy time washing.

It has handles on both of its ends, so that you’ll have an easy time carrying it around.

You can choose from 8 different colors.



In one of the YogaDirect Supportive yoga bolster reviews, the owner said that the bolster was too big for them. However, its size was just right for pretty much everyone else.


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Benefits Explained:

Many bolsters on the market are made with synthetic materials, and this is not a great thing. First of all, they might contain allergens, making it impossible to be used by people who suffer from allergies. Not only this, but they also tend to be very uncomfortable for the skin. The great news about this model is that it’s made with 100% cotton, so that you won’t have any issues with it. Indeed, it has a great feel, making it the perfect accessory for your yoga practice.

1.YogaDirect Supportive

In addition, it’s filled with very high quality cotton, which means that it’s very firm,  and that you won’t have to worry about it becoming saggy after just a few uses. These are just a few of the reasons we recommend this model as the best yoga bolster from YogaDirect.


One problem people often have with yoga bolsters is that after a while, they inevitably get dirty, which means that they can’t be used anymore. Well, you could wash them, of course, but washing them will most probably result in them becoming very saggy, which takes you right back to where we started, in that you won’t be able to use it.

The great thing about this bolster is that it comes with a removable cover, which you can wash very easily, and then put it right back on the bolster, and continue using it just as you did before.


If you go somewhere for your yoga classes, then carrying a bolster might prove to be quite difficult. Sure, you can carry it in a bag, but you probably already have a bag for all your other supplies, and having yet another one is too much. Well, this particular model is the best cotton yoga bolster, as it has handles on both of its ends, making it very easy for you to carry it around.


Finally, this bolster allows you to express your individuality by giving you as many as 8 options when it comes to its color. Not only this, but the color options are all very calming, completing your yoga experience perfectly. Thanks to this, you won’t have to stick to the same color everyone else is getting,  but you won’t have to get a model that’s so bright that it will hurt your eyes.


Finding a great bolster is not as difficult as you might think. However, it’s not easy either, because of all the models that are out there. Well, if you were worried at all about all this, then you don’t have to be anymore because you’ve found the best model out there, and it’s this one.


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