Vortex 8×36 R/T Tactical Monocular Review


What Is the Best Monocular form Vortex?


1. Vortex 8x36 R TBenefits

The Vortex 8×36 R/T Tactical Monocular is a great alternative to a pair of binoculars, thanks to its extremely compact design.

Range estimation is made easy with the ranging reticle focus this model comes equipped with.

The image is maintained bright and sharp, even in less than ideal conditions.

The model is waterproof and fogproof, which makes it ideal for hunting, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.

The Flared Eyecup feature ensures that no stray light will interfere with the image delivered through the monocular.



The vast majority of the Vortex 8×36 R/T tactical monocular reviews that you can find online at the moment are highly positive. However, if there is one gripe consumers seem to have with this particular model is that the carrying case could have been sturdier. Otherwise, there is nothing more to wish for in a monocular.


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Benefits explained

Monoculars are often preferred to binoculars for trips in the wild, because they are much easier to manipulate and use. The Vortex 8×36 R/T Tactical Monocular is very lightweight, and it has a very compact shape, making it the ideal solution for any trip during which you need to observe wildlife. Because it doesn’t take up much room in your backpack, it is more than a welcome addition to your standard equipment.

1. Vortex 8x36 R T

One thing that hunters like having in a monocular is range estimation capabilities. The reticle in this monocular is equipped with reticle focus, allowing you to estimate, as accurately as possible, the distance between you and your prey. There are other benefits to be drawn from this particular feature. It steadies the vision you have on your target, offering you the best conditions for calling shots.


The glass surface benefit from fully multi-coating, which is a great addition to maintaining image clarity, even when the weather conditions are far from perfect. Considered by many to be the best monocular from Vortex, this model offers you the pleasure and the excitement of observing wildlife, without any nuisances.


When you are bringing any piece of equipment with you on a trip to the wilderness, the last thing you need is to have your eyes constantly on it, so it doesn’t break or suffer any damage. You will not have to worry about such things when you use the Vortex 8×36 R/T Tactical Monocular, because it is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, so it always offers you the best possible vision to the target, without worrying about a thing.


The Flared Eyecup feature is very handy for blocking out any stray light, to maintain the same great viewing conditions, even when there are other sources of light in the scene.



The Vortex 8×36 R/T Tactical Monocular is one of the best rated monoculars you can find on the market right now. Lightweight and compact, it finds its way in any backpack, without taking up much room. Its performance is something to write home about, as well. Because its lenses are fully multi-coated, the images seen through the monocular are always bright enough so you can distinguish your prey from the rest of the landscape.


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