Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack Review

Most Appreciated Pilates Ring from Stott Pilates

2. STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Lite Power PackPros

The Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack is a great choice for beginners, due to its lightweight construction.

Foam pads are present on both the inside and the outside, in order to provide the user with more versatility when exercising.

This fitness circle enjoys an overwhelming number of positive reviews, vouching for its durability and usefulness.

The circle is made of flexible plastic, so it provides the right amount of challenge for performing your Pilates exercises.

The Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack is sold together with an instructional DVD that is greatly appreciated by those just starting with this type of exercises.



A thing to keep in mind about this specific product is that it is specifically intended for beginners. Those who are more energetic and are looking for more resistance in their magic circle should shop around for other models, as this one will not be able to satisfy their needs.


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Main features explained

Pilates exercises are not very difficult, but beginners may feel intimidated and avoid starting altogether. A good solution for them is to purchase adequate equipment, and the Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack fits the bill quite nicely. Considered the best pilates ring from Stott Pilates, it is a great way to start exercising and toning your muscles in various areas of the body. Praised by many, this magic ring is the ideal choice for many beginners.

1. STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Lite Power Pack

The original magic rings that were first commercialized were equipped with pads only on the outside. However, as Pilates exercises became more versatile, the same thing happened with the equipment used. The Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack has foam pads both on the exterior and on the interior of the circle, allowing you to perform various exercises that involve working against the resistance offered by this piece of equipment.


You will find many raving Stott Pilates fitness circle power pack reviews, from users who have tried and tested the product. One of the best things you can do when you are starting on a new exercising program and you need new gear is to find out what others are thinking about the products you intend to purchase, so you do not end up spending money on something you do not really need.


Rumor has it that Joseph Pilates, the man who created this exercising routine, used the ring from a keg as a magic circle. Those performing Pilates exercises today do not have to improvise, and the model presented here is made of a type of plastic that provides you with the needed flexibility to exercise properly.


Last, but not least, the Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack comes with an accompanying DVD that helps you understand how to use the circle and how to improve your exercising routine.



Rightfully considered one of the best fitness rings around, the Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack offers everything you need in such a piece of equipment if you are just starting out. Lightweight, versatile and loved by all its users, this product is a great addition to your routine, and it will help you tone your muscles much easier.


Buy from Amazon for ($44.99)




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