Rio Deluxe 5 Backpack Chair Review



1 - Rio Deluxe 5 Backpack ChairBenefits

Five different positions are available for this backpack chair that can make your trip to the beach or your camping adventure, a really enjoyable one.

The chair can hold up to 250 pounds and it is made to last.

With two separate pouches in the back, the Rio Deluxe 5 position LayFlat Backpack Chair is very convenient, allowing you to store your belongings somewhere you can reach them with ease.

A multi-purpose chair, it folds with ease, and it can be accommodated in any car trunk during transportation.



One thing that people mention about this particular backpack chair is that it is not made for very large individuals. We highly recommend to carefully read the dimensions of the chair before deciding to purchase it, so you do not have any surprises later. Also, if you are not crazy about Velcro straps, there are plenty of them on the back pouch. However, we found the straps to work just as good as at the moment of purchase after months of usage.


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Benefits explained


The Rio Deluxe 5 backpack chair reviews point out most and foremost that the model allows you to choose between five different positions, and that it can also be used laid flat, if you want, for instance, to catch a perfect tan. A nice touch is the fact that you can remove the padded headrest in case you feel like you are holding your head too high.

2 - Rio Deluxe 5 Backpack Chair

The manufacturer offers ample information on the size, dimensions and weight limits of this backpack chair. This information is very important, because it can tell you whether the chair is a good choice for you or not. The fact that it can hold up to 250 pounds tells quite a lot about its sturdy frame, and it is an aspect to consider before making a purchase.


A good chair becomes a great chair once it comes equipped with additional storage space. There are two separate pouches in the back and a cup holder on one side that will allow you to keep your can of soda or cold beer close to you. Such details make this model the best beach chair from Rio Brands that you should consider buying for your trips.


If you want a backpack chair that you can take along on your camping, hiking, beach trips or picnics, you will definitely like this chair. Weighing 10 pounds, it folds easily and it takes little space in the trunk of your car. You will find it very convenient to carry around and soon enough, you will not want to give up on it.



If you are looking for the best beach chair with 5 reclining positions, look no further than this backpack chair from Rio. With its sturdy construction, many conveniences available, and ease of folding, this makes for the perfect addition to your trip supplies, and you will love taking it along with you on any adventure to the great outdoors, or to the beach.


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