Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM Review


What’s the Best RV GPS from Rand McNally



This versatile best RV GPS from Rand McNally lets you track fuel purchases and fuel economy by using fuel logs.

The device will work great with separately-purchased GPS accessories.

The device lets you travel safely and conveniently with updates on Lifetime Maps.

The large, backlit color touchscreen display simplifies device interface as well as data viewing.

This Rand McNally third-generation GPS device is designed for use in RV adventures and by RV drivers.



The trip maker is a challenge to use on the computer.

The brightness level of the screen may be too dim in very bright sunlight.

One of the Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM reviews laments the way you have to press fairly hard on the screen so your touches are registered accordingly.


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Main features explained


The Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM RV GPS enables you to estimate costs for trips between any two cities using the onboard Quick Planner. The device uses WiFi to provide information on fuel costs along your route, so for those who wish to know beforehand how much their trip is going to cost, combining the two aforementioned functionalities can be an effective way of planning a road trip based on fuel economy. Or use the Fuel Log to monitor fuel purchases and calculate fuel economy. The Trip Maker, which is Rand McNally’s trip planning tool online, lets you calculate fuel costs for planning utilization.

The device comes with video input for back-up cameras, which is compatible with a wide range of cameras so you can enjoy flexibility in display. The Rand McNally RVND 7730 also goes well with a GPS Hard Case, a GPS Sun Shade and a Dash Mount, each sold separately. You can choose to get these extra items separately to ensure optimization of your GPS device.


You can receive updates for the lifetime of the Rand McNally RVND 7730 with Lifetime Maps. The device has been redesigned inside out and now boasts new hardware, two new graphical user interface options and a faster processor. The unit combines Rand McNally’s premier navigation and new features, which include toll cost estimates plus advanced lane guidance. The advanced lane guidance feature tells you which lane to take before getting into a turn or going on an elaborate intersection.


There is more to see in map details with the RVND 7730’s large, seven-inch screen. You can choose from three user interface options : Classic, Carbon and Ice.


The unit will calculate an RV-friendly route and give you spoken turn-by-turn directions to each destination. Specially designed for RV users and RV trips, the device helps you avoid areas, routes and roads based on your preference. It lets you navigate safely with routing for 11 types of RVs, along with customized data according to the weight, length, width and height of your vehicle. The device can switch to car mode for daily use.



This is the best RV GPS thanks to how it helps you plan the perfect trip. Get advanced lane guidance, fuel and toll costs, and RV routing that can be switched to car mode at option. Get there safely with this advanced GPS device.


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