Positiv Team Complete Skateboard Review


What is the Most Appreciated Skateboard from Positiv


1. POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardBenefits

Including four different boardsĀ that cover all the needs of any skateboarding enthusiast, this complete set will offer all users plenty of freedom to enjoy.

Made from high quality wood and using the new AirLam technology, these skateboards will last far longer than the average models available on the market.

Simple to install and use, this skateboard set is the perfect choice for beginners, regardless of age.

The set is also extremely cost effective. Getting four different high quality skateboards at this price is an excellent investment that will save you a lot of money on the long run.

All board decals use vibrant colors and modern designs that will surely draw plenty of attention and praise from other skaters and spectators alike.



Designed to be used by nearly everyone, from teens to grownups, these skateboards may be a bit too heavy for smaller kids. Used with great success by all those above 8 years of age, these boards are not targeted at children younger than 7 years of age. This is not exactly a problem, since young children usually use smaller models, and anyone above the recommended age will be completely satisfied by these full-size high quality skateboards.



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Benefits explained

  • Getting the best skateboards around is not an easy task, and usually involves wasting a lot of time and money in the process. With this excellent four board set you cannot go wrong. Each skateboard is designed according to the personal preference of a famous skater. Designed with the help of Sandro Dias, Andy Macdonald and Rodney Jones, each board brings something different offering anyone plenty of flexibility in choosing their own skateboarding style.

2. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

  • Built to endure, each board is created using the latest AirLam technology. This modern system creates boards that are lighter and more durable at the same time. Using high quality birch or maple wood, these POSITIV boards can be used on any type of terrain. Praised by all POSITIV Team complete skateboard reviews, these excellent boards are some of the best models money can buy today.


  • Crafted at the highest standards, all these skateboards will be ready to ride as soon as you get them without requiring too much assembly work. Ideal for teens and newcomers, each board will let users experiment with a different style, allowing them to learn and master skateboarding while having plenty of fun at the same time.


  • Finding the best skateboard with treated surface is hard enough, but getting four high quality models is quite an excellent investment. Buying this complete set will give you plenty of additional value, allowing you to save a lot of money.


  • With their modern look, each decal fits perfectly in any type of environment. Whether used on the street or at the skate park, these excellent quality decal prints will gain plenty of admiration and praise from all happening to be in the same spot with you.



Earning the admiration and respect of all skaters, POSITIV is one of the best skateboard equipment manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for the best skateboard from POSITIV, you cannot miss this excellent four board set. Loved by all, these superb skateboards are perfect for anyone, regardless of age and skill level.


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