Pearl Izumi Elite Tri Suit Review


How to Find the Best Tri Suit fron Pearl Izumi


1. Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Inrcool Tri SuitBenefits

This is one of the most affordable products of the line.

It is chlorine resistant and provides satisfactory cooling altogether.

Pearl Izumi Elite tri suit reviews recommend it as a great variant both for cyclists and swimmers.

The model is made of a special type of material, which feels like a second skin.



While some customers have underlined that the gel structure of the tri suit seems to get in the way when they’re trying to do their swimming, others speak highly of the exact same feature. Some buyers state that both while running and while swimming, the model does not make users feel like they are wearing a diaper. For any issues with product quality, we recommend getting in touch with Amazon or Pearl Izumi customer support, as both of these are known to resolve problems in a timely manner.


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Benefits Explained

  • The model was first launched back in 2012. Although it might look like a somewhat old-fashioned suit, its age largely contributes to the price it can now be purchased for. It is often times difficult to get a good, dependable tri suit for less than a couple hundred dollars, but Pearl Izumi makes sure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase, even in the case of older and cheaper models.

2. Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Inrcool Tri Suit

  • Cooling is a matter of extreme importance, particularly for users who intend on cycling in direct sunlight. Noon might be an inconvenient time for doing your sports-related activities, but most bikers are well accustomed to going out on their bikes regardless of the time of the day. All things considered, this one looks like it is the best tri suit with In-R-Cool technology. Furthermore, chlorine resistance is a great advantage for people doing their swimming in artificial pools.


  • The model can be utilized successfully for a variety of activities, from running to cycling. This advantage is partly due to the fact that the material and the overall fit makes it impossible for buyers to experience any type of chaffing.


  • Comfort is definitely something to consider when purchasing a tri suit. If you do not experience any good feeling while cycling, then something is clearly in the way of your well-being. With this model, it is impossible to feel like you’re actually wearing a tri suit, as the material is user-friendly and perfectly fits your body type. The chamois is thin and feels natural, allowing people to conveniently tend to their activities.



The unit is by far the best tri suit from Pearl Izumi for the money, particularly if you are looking for a bargain. If you are in no means keen on fashion and always choose comfort over looks, you are bound to be impressed by how this item manages to combine the two. The model has gathered the appreciation of many buyers all over the world, and with the reputation held by Pearl Izumi, it is safe to say that this item does what it is supposed to do.


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