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Our goal is to make your online shopping experience as simple as possible



Shopping online does pose a deal of problems


If you are looking to buy an appliance that you really need or a piece of equipment to help you with your job, you will surely run into the problem that all online shoppers face – picking the right product without being able to touch it or test it. You might turn to a search engine to provide you with some helpful tips or reviews that can make your choice easier, but these days the amount of advertising and spam will certainly make finding the right information a lot more difficult. In addition, the information that you do find is often unreliable, not up to date, or it comes from unverifiable sources.

Here is where we come in. With our help, you will be able to compare products of the same category, see how they stack up against each other and, after you’ve finally made your decision, we will show you where you can get the best deal.  With this information at your disposal, you will save both time and money, and end up with a product which you can enjoy and rely on.



How our site works


Ease of use is something we strive for. You just need to look for the product in the search box/field and in just a matter of seconds you will get a list of the items which best suit your query.

How is this possible? Our software manages to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of online reviews and customer feedback reports and collects the most relevant information. Our team then carefully analyzes these findings so we can display only the best products.



Here are some of the aspects we consider when we choose which products to display:


  • Item popularity – shows how an item is doing sales wise;
  • Value for money – is determined according to owner feedback and expert reviews;
  • Overall brand quality – refers to how the entire range of products manufactured by a specific brand is perceived by the consumers;
  • Brand image – shows how the manufacturer is perceived by public opinion, as the information is gathered from social media posts and blog networks;
  • Price – last but not least, the price is always an important factor in any shopping decision and it will allow you to see what other options are available to you in the same price range.



Here is how our product rankings are determined:


The software we have developed manages to keep track of all the available online information regarding the product category you are looking for. To do so, it analyzes the data provided by:

  • Sales figures;
  • Owner reviews;
  • Expert review websites;
  • Social media activity;
  • Information provided by the manufacturers.



The gathered data is analyzed and interpreted


Our software employs language-processing algorithms that are capable of analyzing the information it has collected. However, this information is not always reliable as companies and certain retailers have been known to “fix” the data they display for certain products. To make sure that no elaborate schemes have managed to influence the results displayed by the algorithm, our team of experts verifies conflicting information and does a short check of the input data. In addition, the output of the algorithm is also analyzed by the team to make sure it has correctly interpreted all the information it has gathered.



The final results


This double checking procedure allows us to assign an overall score to each product found on the list. The overall score enables us to determine which product is the best and which is the worst. The result is a list of the most popular products in terms of quality and consumer appreciation at the moment of the verification.

To add more value to your shopping experience, the results can also lead you to a more detailed overview of each product, in case you need more information regarding specific features.


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