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1.Bosch PR20EVSNKBenefits

The Bosch PR20EVSNK ships with all the necessary wood router accessories for mortising hinges, rounding over deck planks and railings, dovetailing, cutting slots and plenty of other tasks in the workshop.

The hand tool is engineered with a powerful motor plus depth adjustment so you can enjoy precise results.

The Bosch PR20EVSNK comes with user-friendly features that ensure comfort, flexibility and reliability.

The hand tool boasts Bosch’s exclusive Constant Response Circuitry for a stable motor speed.

The Bosch PR20EVSNK is supplied with three bases that help it adapt to any job in the shop, whether large or small.



One of the Bosch PR20EVSNK reviews says the spindle lock tends to break easily, necessitating great care in the use of the tool.

Another user says the collet design may need an upgrade as well, to prevent it from getting broken too easily.

One buyer laments that the power tool has no built-in LED to illuminate the work surface.


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Benefits Explained

The Bosch PR20EVSNK is the best fixed base router you can get for the money, as it ships with the following items: three bases (fixed, offset and tilt), an underscribe assembly, roller guides, a straight edge guide, a carry case, and wrenches. Perfect for professional laminate installers, the Bosch PR20EVSNK lets you handle nearly anything that is to be done in the workshop.

2.Bosch PR20EVSNK

This palm-grip router offers reliable and strong performance due to its 1-horsepower, 5.7-amp motor. The motor spins at a variable speed ranging from 16,000 to 35,000 rpm. The soft-start ensures reduced torque at startup, so you can enjoy flawless and hassle-free transition every time. The router is also geared with micro-fine adjustments that make it easy to modify your work parameters.


Get simple and straightforward operation from this user-friendly tool that uses standard ¼-inch bits to provide flexibility on the job. The remarkable maximum diameter of 1 5/16 inches also offers the reliability you need to get the job done. Thanks to the front spindle lock on the motor, you are assured of problem-free, one-wrench bit changes. The unit also comes with a shaft wrench for individuals who opt to use two wrenches.


Thanks to the constant response circuitry of the Bosch PR20EVSNK, you are assured of a stable motor speed. The system is able to monitor and maintain the machine’s speed under load, giving you overload protection as well as consistent performance. The special circuitry detects tough loads and increases power accordingly to remain at the selected rpm. As the machine works at a stable speed, you are more able to focus on controlling it so you get great results with clean and burn-free cuts.


Thanks to the three bases that come in the package, the Bosch PR20EVSNK is undoubtedly the best wood router from Bosch. Each of the bases is modeled from premium quality castings and streamlined plastic sub-bases. The bases all use a flip-lever, adjustable locking cam activation to secure the motor in place. Transferring the motor from base to base is always a tool-free task. The tilt and fixed bases also come with a micro-fine adjustment feature, while the offset base bit height is stationary due to the belt drive system.



Shipped with accessories to enable precision and versatility on the job, the compact-sized Bosch PR20EVSNK provides a robust performance not only as a laminating trimmer but also as a superb tool for hinge mortising, trimming deck planks, slot cutting, edge forming, decorative inlays, window cutouts and dovetailing.


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