Bosch GLM80 Laser Distance Measurer Review


What Is the Most Reliable Laser Distance Measurer from Bosch?


1. Bosch GLM 80


As proven by many users, this model is certainly the best laser distance measurer from Bosch due to its ability to operate in multiple measurement modes.

The device has a built-in sensor that provides an extra measure of accuracy.

The tool has exceptional storage features that can prove to be highly useful during field work.

The Bosch GLM80 laser distance measurer is equipped with a user-friendly design.

This piece of equipment comes with a sustainable power source.



One of the Bosch GLM80 laser distance measurer reviews says the device can be hard to hold steady against a flat wall, and is a bit on the small side.


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Main features explained


The Bosch GLM 80 is easily the best 265 feet laser distance measurer you can find on the market. It utilizes an advanced technological system to execute simple yet accurate measurements. The device is equipped with a number of measurement modes that ensure effortless use for making calculations on a range of parameters including volume, area, distance and angles at a precise level. Maximizing versatility, the device can accommodate the user’s needs by using the indirect length measurement mode to define inaccessible distances obstructed by objects or that don’t have a reflecting surface via the application of the Pythagorean Theorem.

2. Bosch GLM 80

For optimum accuracy, the Bosch GLM 80 is equipped with a built-in tilt sensor that calculates 360 angles in two axes. This guarantees accuracy in both the horizontal and vertical axes. You can also get optimal viewing in all directions thanks to how the large backlit four-dot matrix display turns when the device is turned more than 75 degrees and even upside down. Evaluating the shortest and longest distances from a fixed point becomes easy with the minimum/maximum measurement mode. This device is perfect for measuring diagonals and plumb lines. The multi-surface area mode enables you to find the total area of several separate surfaces characterized by a common height or length.


Capable of storing the last 20 measurements taken for both angle and distance, the Bosch GLM 80 can remember the individual measurements in its memory that add up to the combinations or results of those quantifying elements. Users can choose to save any particular assessment permanently as a constant.


The Bosch GLM 80 is geared with an easy-to-use design via four flat surfaces to easily fit into a pocket or work belt. The device is outfitted for rugged use on the field, with remarkable drop resistance up to three feet, while also having an impressive IP 54 rating to signify resilience against water and dust.


The Bosch GLM 80 takes up power via its standard micro-USB port. The integrated lithium ion battery enables users to take up to 25,000 measurements on a single charge.



The Bosch GLM 80 provides the necessary memory capacity for extensive field work and at just a single charge. It ships with an integrated lithium ion battery that delivers sustained power for all-day use. The one-year warranty and additional one-year warranty upon registration of the product on the Bosch website ensure reliable quality, craftsmanship and customer service. When you demand exceptional accuracy from a laser distance measurer, the Bosch GLM 80 is made just for you.


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