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Tips for Buying the Best Yoga Towel


Not all yoga towels are the same, and choosing a particular model can be tricky for a variety of reasons. Out of these, probably the most important one is the fact that manufacturers launch new and improved items every year, leaving customers feeling confused about which one they should pick.

We’ve put together a buying guide to help you correlate your own needs and preferences with the features of the product you’re looking for. Here’s what you should ponder on if you want to get the best yoga towel in 2019.

Best yoga towel

Mat-length versus hand towel

The size of your chosen towel will dictate the way you’ll be able to use it. If you go for mat-length, you’ll utilize it to protect your yoga mat. At the same time, the product creates a hygienic layer between the yoga practitioner and the mat per se, and this prevents the user’s skin from developing all kinds of dermatologic conditions which would otherwise be prevented.

Hand towels are convenient in the sense that they’re usually kept nearby in order to wipe sweat away during the yoga session. Which one are you looking for? While generic product titles and descriptions can make you feel baffled, we recommend paying attention to the overall size of the towel.



Yet another detail to consider is the towel material. Some might not be as absorbent as others. Most models that are now available on the market are made of or with microfiber. Fortunately, microfiber is a winner in matters of comfort and softness and provides enough absorption for the buyer to feel satisfied. Try to stay away from synthetic fabrics, as they won’t do much good when it comes to absorption and sweat will often times make them smell badly.



What would any buyer do if it weren’t for customer ratings? Sure, purchasing a yoga towel might not be an investment compared to buying a new car, but going through some of the best yoga towel reviews will let you know what to expect from a product you might be interested in. Is the towel resistant, will it last through the years? Or will it become unusable after a single session? Other buyers can tell you just that.



Although it might not look like a very important factor on which to base your decision, color can make a difference when it comes to relaxation. It’s a good idea to stay as far away as possible from colors you might be uncomfortable around. Believe it or not, some tones may affect your concentration and who would want to throw a towel away just because of its color?


Top Yoga Towels in 2019


We have selected five of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have managed to gather the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers alike, and they seem to take the cake when it comes to convenience, price and durability. It sure won’t hurt if you had a look at them.


Youphoria Towel


1.Youphoria Yoga TowelThis is one of the top rated yoga towels of 2019. Convenience and reliability are two innate features of this product, and the neat thing about it is that it can be purchased in two size variants and a very wide array of color variants. Customers can choose between a towel that measures 24 by 69 inches and one that measures 24 by 72 inches. Choose the right one for the right size of mat you own.

The towel is very absorbent and is known to dry quickly. It’s made of microfiber, a fabric which has been praised for being lightweight and breathable.

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Shandali Best


2.Shandali Best Hot Yoga TowelAlthough a tad more expensive than its Youphoria counterpart, this Shandali alternative takes the cake when it comes to durability. In fact, it’s so long-lasting that it has gathered some of the best yoga towel reviews out there. Available sizes include the standard and the hand towel dimensions.

According to various buyers, the model dries up quickly and has been proven to efficiently soak up sweat. Other individuals speak highly of its durability and high quality, and claim that it stays put and helps users to avoid slipping of any sorts. The product comes with a PDF copy of the “Yoga for Beginners” e-book.

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YogaRat The Yog


3.YogaRat THE YOGA TOWELUnlike the previously mentioned Shandali and Youphoria models, this one can be purchased in three size variants: two mat-length and one hand-size towel. As is the case with other products in the line, the YogaRat towel can be bought in a large variety of colors, ranging from Purple/Black to Charcoal/Ash.

The product is made of 100% microfiber, one of the most efficient fabrics in matters of absorption. However, buyers have nothing to worry about, as the model can be machine washed.

If you want to extend the life of your mat, you might want to take a sneak peek at this accessory.

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Good Karma Zone Bikram


4.Good Karma Zone Bikram Hot Yoga TowelThis is a one-size towel that is great to use for mats up to 72 inches in length. It can be bought in a large number of colors, including purple, salmon, blue, grey and pink.

Since Good Karma Zone has been manufacturing yoga towels for a decent number of years, they’ve developed this product using a special type of ecological microfiber. It appears that this material is what prevents users from slipping on their yoga mats.

The item is thick and easy to wash and dry.

There’s a net advantage to purchasing this towel and it stands in the money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturing brand.

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Gaiam Thirsty


5.Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Mat TowelIf you’re looking for comfort and enhanced absorption, look no further. This Gaiam product is a neat combination of all the features a yoga practitioner might ever be looking for, as it fits the traditional yoga mat, is remarkably absorbent and can even act as a substitute for the mat itself. The product is made with polyester and nylon. This special combo makes sure that even buyers who are known to sweat a lot are pleased with what they’re doing in their yoga class.

The towel can be cleaned using a regular washing machine. Customers speak highly of its non-slip feature.

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