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A yoga strap is a helpful piece of yoga equipment, especially for beginners who do not yet have the required flexibility in order to attain and maintain proper alignment as required by certain poses. A lot of people shy away from practicing yoga, because they believe that their lack of flexibility will hinder them in this type of activity. With the help of a yoga strap, they can perform more advanced poses, which will help them become more flexible and reach the balance between body and mind, promoted by the regular practice of yoga. The following guide will help you save some time and money on purchasing a yoga strap, by presenting you with the most important aspects to keep in mind and the top rated yoga straps 2019 available on the market right now.

Best Yoga Strap


Normally, yoga straps are made of cotton or hemp, but newer models can be made of nylon. All these materials provided certain advantages. They are sturdy, they do not break with ease, and they do not cause any chafing when wrapped around your wrists or your ankles. Exercising in complete comfort is important for reaching the ultimate goal of yoga, which is to create a harmonious balance between your body and your mind. Natural, organic materials, are, of course, recommended, but good quality nylon is also resistant and it does not cause any chafing.



Several buckle styles are available for yoga straps. The D-ring shape is very sturdy, but it cannot be released with ease, which may not be to your liking. These are usually made of metal, and you don’t have to worry that they might break in time. Plastic buckles are very cheap, but, as you can easily imagine, they are not the most durable. A quick release type of buckle is also available, for those who want to release the strap fast and easy. The mechanism is very simple and you only need to press on the sides of the buckle to have it release the strap.



The standard lengths for yoga straps are six and eight feet. As you may already suspect, the shorter length is intended for shorter individuals, while the longer one for taller people. In case you are average in height, the best advice is to go for the longer length because the strap can still be adjusted to accommodate the user, while a shorter strap will not be able to do so. There are also yoga straps measuring ten feet in length, in case you really need a very long strap. Reading the best yoga strap reviews will help you identify the most convenient length for your height, and purchase the right strap for your needs.


Top Yoga Straps in 2019


Getting a yoga strap may feel a bit daunting, seeing that there are so many models available. We created a short list with five products to come to your aid. All these yoga straps are very useful for improving your yoga practice and they are praised by their users, because of the conveniences they offer.


Clever Yoga


1.Clever Yoga StrapThis yoga strap comes in two different lengths: eight feet and ten feet, which means that it is mostly geared towards taller people. However, if your mind is set on this brand and you are a shorter person, you can go for the eight feet long model, because you can adjust it as you see fit. The strap is made of cotton and very durable, seeing that the manufacturer offers lifetime warranty for this product.

Available in seven different colors, the Clever Yoga Strap enjoys a lot of popularity among users, helping them achieve more complicated poses with ease.

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YogaAccessories Strap


2.YogaAccessories Yoga StrapYogaAccessories is a well known brand that creates good and reliable yoga equipment. The yoga strap they sell is no exception to the rule. Made entirely of cotton, and equipped with a metal buckle that is sturdy and easy to adjust, the YogaAccessories Yoga Strap is preferred by many practitioners and there are plenty who call it the best yoga strap 2019.

The strap is designed so it does not slip, but it does not chafe your skin either. It is also wide enough to ensure that proper support is supplied without cutting the blood circulation in your arms and feet.

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ProSource Strap


3.ProSource Yoga StrapA yoga strap that you can also use for physical therapy, the ProSource Yoga Strap is made of high quality materials and it is very easy to use by beginners who want to attain more complex poses during their practice.

Made of high quality cotton, and equipped with a durable metal D-ring for easy adjusting, this strap is among the most popular models sold right now on the market. Designed to help you increase flexibility, it is the ideal tool for holding new poses for a longer time. The strap is eight feet long and 1.5 inches wide, which is usually what most yoga practitioners need.

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Hugger Mugger Strap


4.Hugger Mugger Yoga StrapIf you are a shorter person and you find the longer models presented earlier too inconvenient for you, then the Hugger Mugger Yoga Strap may be a better choice for you. Available in three different lengths: six, eight and ten feet, this strap covers the needs of all those who like practicing yoga, regardless of their height.

Made of cotton, this strap is very durable. The buckle is made of plastic, and it keeps the strap in place when you need to hold a certain pose for a longer time. When you are done with your pose, you will simply release it with ease.

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Gaiam Yoga Strap


5.Gaiam Yoga StrapA single length is available for this yoga strap, six feet, which makes it ideal for shorter people. The best yoga strap reviews particularly recommend it for shorter individuals, as well, and mention that it is not a good fit for taller people who can choose from the large variety of eight feet and ten feet straps available from other brands.

Made entirely of cotton, the strap is very durable and it is safe to wash in a washing machine. Available in many different colors, the Gaiam Yoga Strap is highly appreciated by yoga practitioners everywhere.

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