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If you want to make the best of your yoga classes, nothing beats having the most comfortable clothes and footwear. There are many yoga poses that involve the feet, so you need flexible, comfortable and lightweight footwear in order to exercise correctly. With so many models on the market, however, it is difficult to say which ones are the best yoga shoes 2019. This guide is intended to show you what aspects to look for in a pair of yoga shoes, along with the most popular models of the moment.

Best Yoga Shoes


When you start shopping for a pair of yoga shoes, you will notice that there are several main styles to choose from. There are flip flops that pretty much look like the kind of footwear to take to the beach, there are slip-ons that you can use for a wide variety of sports and there are ballerina shoes that many people prefer because they are very comfortable and flexible.



It cannot be emphasized enough how important getting the right size is. No matter what kind of shoes you want to buy, size is always a make or break factor. Even the most stylish and most comfortable shoes will not feel right in your feet, and, if you are about to practice yoga, a pair that will be too tight or too loose will pretty much ruin your exercising experience. Make sure that you read the best yoga shoes reviews and see what other people say about different brands and how their sizes fit.



No matter what style of yoga shoes you pick, remember that comfort is paramount. You will be exercising and dealing with many different and complex poses, and the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable shoes while doing so. Reading the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as many reviews written by users will give you an idea on how comfortable the ones you intend to buy truly are. In this respect, pay attention to models that are made using breathable materials, since practicing yoga may make you sweat a little. If your feet are dry and comfortable, you will be able to focus on the yoga poses you need to perform.



It is equally important to have very flexible shoes when you are practicing your yoga poses. The sole of the shoe must be made from a material that can bend and twist, while the footwear still remains glued to your foot. Some of the models on the market have their soles made from the same material as yoga mats and rubber, for increased flexibility. These soles will not slip on smooth surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable accidents, either.


Top Yoga Shoes in 2019


Since searching for a good pair of yoga shoes can be quite a daunting task, we decided to lend a helping hand by putting together a list with the most popular models at the moment. All these models score high in consumers’ preferences and they are very comfortable and flexible.


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop


1.Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Flip-FlopWhat you need most when you are performing yoga posture is the ability to focus on what you do. A pair of shoes that easily come off can stress you out and make you unable to concentrate. The Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop is a model that comes with a stylish design made of fabric straps that go around your ankle in order to keep the shoe in place.

The sole is made of textile materials, and it is very flexible; the footbed is padded with the same material used for yoga mats, so you can enjoy maximum comfort.

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The Wave Women’s Water Shoes


2.Women's Wave Water Shoes Aqua SocksFor those who would still rather wear slip-ons rather than flip flops, the Women’s Wave Water Shoes Aqua Socks are an ideal choice. The mesh front is made of neoprene, while the sole is made of rugged rubber, to prevent any slippage. Besides using these shoes for yoga, you can also take them to the pool or to the beach.

The drawstring helps you tighten the shoe around your ankle as you see fit, thanks to the adjustable toggle present. Available in nice looking color schemes, these slip-ons are among the top rated yoga shoes 2019 money can buy right now.

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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop


3.Sanuk Women's Yoga Mat Flip-FlopIn case you are looking for something simple and efficient, the Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop is a great choice. Made of synthetic materials, these shoes for yoga are very lightweight and they will help you enjoy your yoga practice with ease.

The heel is slightly thicker than the platform, so that your foot rests in a comfortable position. The cushion on the footbed is made of the same material as yoga mats, for increased comfort. The shape of the sole takes after your foot, so it can provide support without forcing your foot to adapt.

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Skechers Cali Women’s Meditaion Flip Flop


4.Skechers Cali Women's Meditaion-Slingback Flip FlopThese stylish looking flip flops will draw some admiring looks next time you attend your yoga classes. The best yoga shoes reviews mention this model, praising its slingback thong design. Made of textile materials, these shoes will allow your skin to breathe with ease. You will not feel your feet getting all slimy and sticky, even after you are exercising for hours.

The footbed is made of the same type of foam used for yoga mats, which makes it very comfortable. The rubber sole makes sure that your feet do not slip while performing more complex poses.

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Msmushroom Woman’s Classic


5.Msmushroom Woman's Classic Yoga Ballet Dancing ShoesMade of leather, these yoga and ballet shoes are very flexible and easily take after your feet, in order to provide you with the most comfortable conditions for exercising and practicing yoga and ballet. Created only for indoor practice, these shoes are not recommended to take outdoors, as their soft sole will not be able to protect your feet well.

However, when practicing indoors, the soft sole, which is made of suede, adds desired flexibility, allowing you to twist your feet and try more difficult poses without a glitch. Their softness recommends the Msmushroom Woman’s Classic Yoga Ballet Dancing Shoes and makes them so loved by yoga practitioners everywhere.

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