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Things to Consider When Buying a New Yoga Massage Ball


Yoga massage balls are great self care tools that you can use at home. If you suffer from constant stiffness, soreness and pains in the muscles, due to incorrect stretching or too rigorous exercising, you should try these great massage balls. Even for people who do not exercise, they are a great choice, because they are much less expensive than a visit to a massage therapist. By relieving the tension in your muscles, you become more flexible, more energetic and healthier. Reading many of the best yoga massage balls reviews written online can help you find a suitable item, as will the following guide.

Best Yoga Massage Balls


One of the first things to look for in yoga massage balls is consistent grip. These massage balls are usually made of rubber and their main role is to grab your soft tissue and start kneading it, in order to release tension. If there is not enough grip present, you will not be able to massage your sore muscles properly. When the surface of the balls connects with your superficial tissue, it must hook it in place, in order to reach the deeper tissue, and provide the expected relief.



Yoga massage balls should also be pliable enough, so they do not end up reaming your muscles against your bones, which can be very painful and even dangerous. Good quality massage balls are pliable enough to avoid such things, and you must feel that the massage you are receiving is consistent, no matter where you are applying pressure.



While this may sound like the opposite of pliability, firmness is required in yoga massage balls, and this is where their very particular construction comes into play. Your yoga massage balls must supply enough pressure to reach deep inside the tissue, in order to relief all the tension accumulated there. Nonetheless, when you choose such yoga equipment, keep in mind that firmness does not equal hardness, and a certain degree of pliability is needed, in order to provide you the necessary comfort while still getting to massage all your tired and sore muscles.


Top Yoga Massage Balls in 2019


Are you looking for the best yoga massage ball 2019? Then the following selection of items can be of great help. They all enjoy many positive reviews from users and they offer the necessary combination of pliability and firmness required from this type of gear, helping you unwind and recuperate after a workout.


Mandala The Yoga Ball


1.Mandala The Yoga Massage BallThe Mandala yoga massage balls are famous worldwide, because they provide the best muscle pain relief, applying pressure on trigger points with great efficiency. When you are using massage balls, you basically make use of your own body weight, to help applying the necessary pressure to eliminate knots and tension in your muscles.

Why are these balls recommended for yoga practitioners? Even if you are an already advanced practitioner of yoga, you may still experience sore and tensioned muscles. A soothing massage is everything you need to balance the energy in your body and enhance your well being. These balls are indicated for prenatal massage and also to those who need to recover from previous injuries.

You may be aware of how many people prefer tennis balls instead of such professional massage balls. The thing with tennis balls is that they are too firm, and they may end up causing more pain instead of delivering the relief you are after.

The Mandala yoga massage ball is made of solid rubber. Enhanced pliability makes this ball a much better choice than a regular tennis ball. The dense rubber allows the ball to reach deeper into the muscle tissue, helping you achieve the relief you are after.

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j/fit Muscle Knot Relief


2.j-fit Muscle Knot Relief BallsThe j/fit Muscle Knot Relief Balls come in sets of three and are among the top rated yoga massage balls 2019 that every yoga practitioner says you must have.

When you are working out, certain muscles in your body can become sore and extremely tensioned. Simple massage doesn’t work so well, because it cannot reach deep inside the tensioned muscles. Professional massage therapists can help you unwind, but their services can be quite costly, and you may not have the necessary free time at your disposal to visit a therapist for a massage session.

The j/fit Muscle Knot Relief Balls cost you less money and they are made to target the knots in your muscles that hurt so badly.

There are three balls included in each set, one for low intensity, one for medium, and one for high. Depending on how strung out your muscles are, you may need to apply different intensities of pressure. With the help of these massage balls you can bring yourself back in shape in no time, enjoying your well being.

You can use these balls for relieving the knots in your leg sides, your calves, your glutes, your hands and feet and even your jaw, for maximum relaxation.

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Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy


3.Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller'sMentioned by many of the best yoga massage balls reviews found online, this therapy system, as it is also called, is of great help when trying to target the most tensioned areas in your back, legs and arms. These balls are designed to offer the necessary grip, so that the muscles located deep inside can also be reached for maximum effectiveness.

While the grip is reliable, you don’t have to worry that the surface of the balls will nip at your skin, dragging it in all directions, and causing you unnecessary discomfort.

Here is how these balls should be used. You place them between your body and a hard surface, be it the floor or a wall, and start rolling. Besides helping you get rid of all the painful knots in your muscles, this kind of therapy will help you improve your flexibility and eliminate all the aches in your body.

Made of a special type of rubber, the Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy Balls provide the necessary mix of firmness and pliability required for obtaining a highly efficient massage without having to see a therapist.

A nice extra offered with your purchase, the tote bag included by the manufacturer helps you carry your yoga massage balls with you everywhere.

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