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What to Consider When Buying a New Yoga Gym Bag


If you are taking yoga classes and you are used to packing all the needed yoga gear and stuffing it in a duffel bag, than you most probably need a yoga gym bag. While you may think that any bag can work, it is much more convenient to purchase a model that was specially designed to accommodate all your yoga accessories. With the help of this guide, you will manage to understand better what to look for in a yoga gym bag, as well as how to identify the best yoga gym bag 2019 from the pile of products available on the market.

 Best Yoga Gym Bag


When you are purchasing a yoga gym bag, you need to make sure that all your belongings can be accommodated inside. Some prefer to attach a yoga mat on the outside of the bag, while others prefer to put it inside. Depending on how spacious a model is, you may prefer it over others. However, since it all boils down to preferences, you may want to look around a bit before taking a decision.



There is nothing wrong with having a few nice extras when you are going to the gym. A built-in cell phone pocket, for instance, can come really in handy, when you do not want to rummage inside your bag after it, if someone calls. Double reinforced areas make the bag more durable, and you do not have to worry about it showing signs of wear and tear anytime soon.



Style is not something to overlook in a gym bag. You will not only have to store all your belongings well, but your bag should represent your style, as well. A backpack is ideal for those who prefer a sporty style, while a fashionable tote bag may be exactly what you need to look your best when you are heading for the gym.


Good compartmentalization

Nothing beats good compartmentalization in a gym bag. Just as you like having everything organized in your shoulder bag you use all day long, a good yoga gym bag should have several different compartments to accommodate your yoga gear and other belongings.


Top Yoga Gym Bags in 2019


A good solution for finding a reliable bag for your yoga classes is to read through all the customers’ reviews published online. However, this may sound like a tedious task for you, so we read most of the best yoga gym bag reviews available, in order to identify the best items that are worthy spending your hard earned money on.


Yoga Mat Bag by Aurorae


1.Yoga Mat Bag by AuroraeMaybe you do not want to spend extra money on a yoga gym bag. If that is the case, maybe a multi-purpose bag is a better idea for you. The Yoga Mat Bag by Aurorae is ideal for those looking for a bag they can use for all kinds of activities. Styled as a backpack, it is a great choice when you want to hit the gym, go hiking, traveling on vacation, or go to the beach. Regardless of your destination, this bag will serve you well and it will offer you all the conveniences expected from a multi-purpose bag.

Made of high grade polyester, this bag is built to last. The model has a mat-locker system in place for holding a yoga mat. Any mat that weighs up to 5 pounds can be accommodated by this system.

One of the top rated yoga gym bags 2019, the Yoga Mat Bag by Aurorae comes equipped with a special pocket for your phone, while the shoulder strap is double reinforced, for added durability.

Good compartmentalization makes this yoga bag a must have. A front zippered pocket serves for holding your valuables, while still making them accessible for you.

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Sherpani Spirit Tote


2.Sherpani Spirit Yoga ToteNothing beats this model when it comes to style. This tote bag will surely draw a few envious stares when you hit the gym, making you feel really proud of your purchase. However, you should know that there is more than just looks about this beautiful tote bag.

The bag is made of a durable combination of polyester and cotton. Unlike other bags, this one is easy to wash and to maintain, and you will get to enjoy it for many years.

Worn on your shoulder, the Sherpani Spirit Yoga Tote is a great stylish addition for anyone who wants a good quality bag with awesome looks. The bag is 12 inches high and 30 inches wide, so it can easily accommodate a 24 inch yoga mat.

Two zippered pockets are placed on the exterior, so you can easily access all your valuables with ease, while still keep them securely in place. Two additional slip pockets are designed for items that you must access quickly, for convenience and comfort.

Featuring good compartmentalization and nice looking style, the Sherpani Spirit Yoga Tote is a must have for women who want a yoga gym bag to represent them.

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Faswin Yoga Mat Tote Bag


3.Faswin Yoga Mat Tote BagAnother beautiful tote bag for gym use, praised by all the best yoga gym bag reviews out there, the Faswin Yoga Mat Tote Bag is one of the best choices at the moment.

One of the first things you will notice about this nice looking tote is that it is very spacious. A yoga mat can be accommodated on top of the tote, for easy transportation. The entire bag is very lightweight, so it does not add to the total weight of your belongings.

The strap is adjustable, so you can pick your own setup suitable for your height. With plenty of room to go around, the Faswin Yoga Mat Tote Bag is a great pick for your trips to the gym.

Made of polyester and nylon, the bag is waterproof, so your belongings will be safely kept inside even if some unfortunate spills may happen or a rain may catch you on your way to the gym.

The best thing about having such a bag is that you no longer have to carry a gym bag, a purse for your valuables and a bag just for a yoga mat. Combining all the benefits of the three in one package, the Faswin Yoga Mat Tote Bag is one of the best yoga gym bags you can find right now.

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