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Expert Buying Advice for Yoga Bolster Pillows


Excellent for improving your posture or helping with the most demanding exercises, bolster pillows are a great addition for any yoga enthusiast. Featuring a large array of sizes, colors and shapes, filled with various types of material from cotton to fiber, they are particularly hard to choose and purchase. While simple in design and function, each yoga pillow type works best in different situations. Before purchasing a new yoga bolster pillow it is advisable to get properly informed. Read our simple guide and you will get the best bolster pillow to suit your own yoga routine. As with any other product, the more you know about it the better your choice will be.

What to look for when buying a yoga bolster pillow


Round or rectangular?

This is the first question that you have to ask before buying a new yoga bolster. Separated by size, shape and function, the round bolsters and the rectangular ones have their own preferred usage. The rectangular yoga bolster is wider and thinner, perfect for spine support during lay back exercises. Thicker and more versatile, the round bolster is the ideal choice for any kind of local support required for more demanding postures. Keeping in mind that most postures will require at least one kind of bolster, buying one of each type is the smartest choice for any new yoga enthusiast.



The best yoga bolster pillow is both firm and light. Unfortunately, most often, light bolsters are too soft and do not offer enough support during exercises. On the other hand, a good, heavy yoga bolster tends to be hard to carry around by hand from place to place. Look for the optimal balance between the bolster’s weight and its hardness and choose a yoga bolster that you can comfortable carry around while offering you the best possible support.



While most yoga bolsters feature the same amount of functionality during exercises, not all of them are as practical outside a yoga room. When choosing the right bolster pillow, aim for the ones with removable pillow cover. Easy to wash and dry, the cover will be clean and ready for a new session of exercising in a couple of hours. Another excellent addition to look for when buying a good yoga bolster is the inclusion of side handles.


Top Yoga Bolster Pillows in 2019


Hugger Mugger Standard


Coming to the help of anyone who needs a good back support, the Hugger Mugger is one of the best rectangular yoga bolster pillow you can find out there. Stiff and durable, featuring excellent top and bottom flat surfaces for perfect stability during all lay down poses, this bolster is the perfect companion for any yoga practitioner.

Having an excellent soft exterior and hardened interior, this bolster pillow is one of the most useful bolsters you can get for your back routines. Comfortable to use all day, featuring a dense and firm core, they are ideal especially during Restorative Yoga routines.

The resistant and durable cover fabric keeps this yoga bolster pillow in great shape, protecting it from wear and tear. As with the exterior, the hardened interior can hold its integrity with ease providing you with years and years of exceptional back support without losing its perfectly balanced firmness.

With excellent support properties, built to last and featuring excellent side handless for easy transport, the Hugger Mugger is considered by many to be the best yoga bolster pillow money can buy. Perfect for any yoga position and exercise that require proper spine and back support, this bolster pillow is an instant favorite among all customers.

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Specially designed to offer the best kind of support for any stretching routines and exercises, this round yoga bolster pillow is the most versatile and useful bolsters you will ever use. Firm and comfortable, the Millard Round Yoga Bolster will help you hold on firmly even during the most pretentious asanas.

Made with care from high quality cotton, using a machine wash ready removable cover, this yoga bolster is the most useful yoga pillow you can purchase these days. Durable and firm, having excellent compression capability, it is capable of giving you the best possible support during any stretching or relaxing exercises.

While used mostly during yoga classes, the Millard Round Yoga Bolster is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a good firm back or leg support. Used at home, this round bolster pillow will greatly relax your legs after a long walk or comfortably support your spine and neck after a hard session.

Named by some the best bolster for yoga, this round yoga bolster is by far one of the most versatile and practical bolsters you can acquire.  Simple and comfortable, with excellent support capability and featuring a superb long lasting durability, the Millard Round Yoga Bolster is the ideal choice.

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YogaAccessories (TM) Supportive Round Cotton


Searching for a simple and effecting yoga bolster pillow? The YogaAccessories Supportive Round Bolster is as simple and functional as it can be. Perfect for any kind of yoga routine, from relaxing postures to stretching exercises, this yoga bolster is the ideal choice for both beginners and experienced yoga students.

Designed to provide the best possible support without any kind of discomfort, this round yoga bolster pillow features the perfect mix of firmness interior and soft exterior. Long and wide enough to provide support for anyone during most exercises, this round yoga bolster is the perfect companion during your yoga sessions.

Capable of withstanding years of abuse and wear, the durable cover can be easily removed and washed separately. Lightweight and comfortable, this yoga bolster comes with extra wide side handles for easy transportation. Equipped with balanced design and optimal functionality the Supportive Round Bolster is the perfect choice for anyone that values mobility and versatility.

Competing with ease with the most expensive models, the Supportive Round Bolster is one of the most affordable yoga bolsters you can buy today. Simple, balanced and extremely easy to use, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a good supporting pillow during yoga classes.

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