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As with any other product that you might be tempted to buy at some point, choosing the best workbench of 2019 should be quite simple after you do your homework. Reading the best workbench reviews and looking for as much info on the item you’re likely to spend your bucks on are two great strategies that will help you make the right choice.

We’ve taken the time to put together the following buying guide, which we think is extremely useful when it comes to picking one of the top rated workbenches of 2019.

Top material

Any workbench needs to be sturdy. This partly means that you need a durable frame, but you also need a good, dependable top material, that can keep up with your activities. Since workbenches come in various shapes, sizes and are made from an entire range of materials, it’s always a good idea to think about what you’ll need the product for.

Particleboards are great for light or medium use and generally feature laminate or melamine covering. Wood workbenches are a little sturdier and are known to last for many years. Plastic laminate comes at a friendly price and can be used with electrical devices, considering the fact that it’s non-conductive.

Steel tops are also among the most durable alternatives, but the hardboards are the ones that are almost impossible to crack.

Some workbenches come with anti-static surfaces, which allow users to work with electronics.


Size of the workbench

Picking the wrong size of a workbench takes the fun out of buying any at all. That’s why our advice to you is to measure your space as accurately as possible, so you don’t encounter any difficulties when placing the workbench therein.

Width is important, of course, and it makes the difference between struggling with customer support and making a satisfactory purchase. Nevertheless, when dealing with size, there’s also the matter of height. Workbenches come with fixed height or adjustable height. The first ones are usually as tall as 32 or 36 inches from the ground. As their own name says it, the second ones can accommodate the user’s needs.



Prices of workbenches can vary from $100 to $600.




Top Workbenches in 2019


We’d like to give you a helping hand and present you three models of workbenches that we’ve found to have received some of the best workbench reviews. Based on people’s opinions, ratings and features, we’ve concluded that these ones are among the top alternatives of the line.


Seville Classics UltraHD


This model can easily be considered to be the best workbench 2019. Let’s see why this is. First of all, it comes with a powder coated steel frame, which features leveling feet. Secondly, the top material is made of hardwood, which means it’s likely to be among the most durable products of the line. The work surface has a thickness of 1.5 inches.

If you traditionally like to keep your tools on hand, you’ll be able to do so with this workbench. It comes with 2 drawers which feature stainless steel fronts, and are roomy enough for all the tools you might feel like using.

The neat thing about this product is that it comes with a fluorescent light. It features an on/off switch and is a great helper when it comes to doing evening or night work.

The dimensions of the Seville Classics model are as follows: 51 x 28 x 8 inches.

With more than 150 5-star ratings and a whole bunch of positive customer reviews, it would certainly be difficult for this product to go unnoticed. Some people talk about how well engineered the product is, whereas other individuals state that the setup instructions it comes with are easy to understand.

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Keter 17182239


The greatest advantage of choosing this Keter model is that it’s portable and lightweight. If you like to take your work with you, you can do so with this type of workbench. It is a little smaller in size when compared to the model we were mentioning above, but it basically speaks to the needs of people who do their own DIY projects.

Since it’s small-sized, users can efficiently store it in the garage or any other space.

It’s also cheaper than the Seville Classics workbench, considering the fact that buyers can purchase it for as little as $110.

There is one noteworthy mention: it’s made out of plastic, so it might not be as durable as the other alternatives. It’s true that it’s compact and simple to use and even easy to set up, but if you’re looking for a more professional workbench, choose a sturdier model.

In spite of the fact that it’s a cheaper and smaller workbench, the item has received more than 400 5-star ratings. This means that the Keter model has been gathering some of the best workbench reviews out there. Buyers speak highly of how easy it is to move around, and some of them even claim that it’s sturdy enough for a portable workbench.

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Windsor Design Hardwood


This one is a simple workbench model, entirely made of wood. It goes wonderfully with people who feel close to nature and who enjoy working on wooden surfaces. It features four felt-lined storage drawers, so you can also keep your tools close by.

To make sure that the top material doesn’t get damaged by various work-related activities, the manufacturers of the model equipped it with a protective lacquer finish.

As for size, although it might look like it isn’t very large, it actually comes with decent product dimensions: 60 x 21 x 34 inches. Remember, one of the most important things when picking the right kind of workbench is measuring your own space. This way, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

How about the opinion of actual buyers? What did they have to say about the Windsor Design model? There are more than 45 people who thought this product was worthy enough of a 5-star rating. Various individuals claim that it sturdy and well made. Other people emphasize that it’s a real bargain for the features it comes with.

Something that’s worthy of mentioning is that you should not glue the model, because you won’t be able to return it. Stick to the setup instructions it comes with.

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