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Top Women Scarves in 2019


Scarves are primarily designed to provide warmth during cold weathers – especially during winter. Over the years, it has also turned into a fashionable accessory that women are very particular about. It accentuates a woman’s overall ensemble while functioning as an insulating material against the cold. There are different materials used for making scarves. Polyester, cashmere, and Pashmina are three of the most popular scarf fabrics. Shopping for the most fashionable scarves require a lot of research. For those who don’t have the luxury of time to do this, here is a list of the trendiest scarves mentioned in the best women scarves reviews.


Scarfand’s Leopard Infinity Scarf


Scarfand has brought good news for people who love scarves and animal prints. The Leopard Infinity Scarf is a sophisticated crinkle scarf with stylish leopard prints to match any fun and casual OOTD theme. It is both a functional and fashionable accessory that has a soft and lightweight material, making it the best women scarf in 2019. The size and the weight of the scarf are just right. It fully covers the upper chest area but it does not give enough warmth for cold days. It is more of an accessory that can be used for various occasions rather than a scarf to use during winter.

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Gift Packaged Noble Mount Solid Plain Pashmina Scarf


According to the best women scarf reviews, Pashmina is the favorite material for women scarves. One of the most talked about scarves on the market is the Gift Packaged Noble Mount Solid Plain Pashmina Scarf. This plain but elegant pashmina scarf is about 26 inches wide and 67 inches long. The quality of the scarf shoes that it has been delicately woven. The lightweight fabric provides enough warmth, making it a scarf that is ideal to wear all year round. It comes in different colors and is packaged in a pouch with a satin bow string design.

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Trendsblue Premium Soft Viscose Flower Print Scarf


The best women scarf in 2019 to wear in any occasion is the Premium Soft Viscose flower print scarf. It is made of 100% viscose material that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The floral design is has a somewhat vintage feel to it. The color scheme is very attractive, making it a smart accessory for any OOTD concept. Its lightweight fabric makes it usable even on warmer seasons, especially since its floral prints looks great for a lot of summer outfits.

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LibbySue-Border Print Polka-Dot Crinkle Scarf


Viscose is a very popular fabric material for scarves designed for warmer seasons – and the LibbySue-Border Print polka dot crinkle scarf is one of the popular items on the market. It received positive ratings on review sites because it is very versatile and can be worn for a lot of different occasions. The fabric has really good quality. The colors that are available for this scarf are very feminine and stylish. Its texture and print can match different OOTD concepts. It is not as sheer and elegant as the other scarves but its quality is almost as good.

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Super Soft Faux Pashmina


Good quality scarves are hard to come by for a price that is a little over 5 bucks, which is why the Super Soft Faux pashmina is considered an excellent bargain. The quality is unbelievable for its price point. Plain scarves are classic and they match a lot of different ensembles. The fabric is made of soft and lightweight material that feels nice against the skin. It provides warmth on cold weathers while adding vibrance to a woman’s overall look. The colors are vibrant and the hand knotted tassels on the ends accentuate the scarf’s overall look.

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