Best Wireless Barcode Scanner Reviews


Top Wireless Barcode Scanners in 2019


When you have a business to run, you have surely been inspired to read the best wireless barcode scanner reviews so inventory and check-out can be effortless and hassle-free. Laser scanners are the most cost effective devices, with handheld cordless brands being popular due to their clutter free operation and nearly limitless mobility. Handheld laser wireless barcode scanners are also popular in various industries including retail, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and field services. The five brands described below have been a hit in those various fields.



TaoTronics TT-BS012


Best Wireless Barcode Scanner ReviewsThe TaoTronics cordless handheld scanner has enjoyed recognition as the best wireless barcode scanner in 2019 thanks to its convenience and efficiency as a scanner. It comes bundled with 2.4 Gigabytes of wireless communication module that expands the scanner’s communication ability from 30 to 50 meters without interference from other similar devices. Even when working in a network, the TT-BS012 can be provided with an individual identification that helps it maintain its optimum working condition. Employing large-scale integrated circuitry, this handheld scanner possesses a stable and effective control system.



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Inateck Laser Wireless Bluetooth


The Inateck Bluetooth barcode scanner operates with tablets, mobile phones and computers with ease, making it the best wireless barcode scanner in 2019. This wireless barcode scanner can store up to 2600 code entries while supporting established bluetooth protocols. You don’t need adapters or complicated conversions when you use this tool in business. The Inateck laser barcode scanner has an impressive signal range of up to 10 meters. It uses USB 2.0 cable connection to do the scanning job. The wireless barcode scanner also supports bluetooth wireless connectivity.



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DBPower Handheld Wireless Laser


Simplicity of use makes the DBPower barcode scanner a favorite in the best wireless barcode scanner reviews. The handheld laser barcode scanner from DBPower works as a high speed 2.4 gigabyte reader. You simply connect the host to the scanner’s USB receiver to begin. Then you pull the trigger to start the scanner, which signals that it is ready to work with just two beeps. The DBPower barcode scanner hasa charging port where you can charge the device’s batteries. Indication of incomplete charging is through a red LED light at the bottom of the scanner. The indicator is switched off once charging is completed.



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GadgetZone Handheld Wireless Automatic


For useful, exact and high-speed data type-in coupled with exceptional data conservation, you can depend on the GadgetZone automatic barcode scanner. It guarantees convenience and portability, with a receiver that is ideal in various settings including warehouses, supermarkets, banks and libraries. In an open environment, the automatic barcode scanner from GadgetZone can perform wireless transmission up to a distance of 300 meters. That’s reliable wireless transmission combined with a state-of-the-art laser engine.  The device is plug-and-play, needing no drive or complicated set-up to start working.



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Wasp WWS800 Freedom


The Wasp wireless barcode scanner deserves being mentioned with other top rated wireless barcode scanners in 2019 thanks to its ability to scan and decode linear uni-dimensional barcodes. It has light sensors that work on a charge-couple device configuration to scan barcodes from up to 12 inches away, plus a resolution of 5 millimeters and a scanning speed of up to 100 units every second. The wireless bluetooth capability of this scanning device enables it to transmit data from a maximum distance of 160 feet from the charging base.



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