Best Wall mounted AV console reviews


Top wall mounted AV consoles in 2019


There must be a room in your home where you would combine different elements to create a modern décor. Generally in these rooms a HDTV appears so that you can watch your favorite programs, a movie or just entertain your guests while you are off to the kitchen to fix a quick cup of coffee. Having the HDTV mounted on your wall will give your room an even more modern look, but a good idea would be to have a wall mounted AV console as well under it where you can keep different things like an AV receiver, your Blu-ray player, your Blu-ray collection and even more. So if you didn’t know what a wall mounted AV console was until now, this has changed from this moment forth. One of the best wall mounted AV consoles in 2019 has a lot of room for different devices and items, has a modern look to it and has an easy installation process. And as you can imagine the best way to look for a one such décor piece for your room is to read the best wall mounted AV console reviews.


Prepac Series 9 Designer Collection


Best Wall mounted AV console reviewsThe top wall mounted AV consoles review are thrilled with the amount of professionalism that has gone into the creation of the Prepac Series 9 which has a very beautiful and modern design plus a high level of practical use. The sturdy construction will even allow you to place on it a 75 lbs plasma TV.  The installation process will be very simple to perform largely because of the Prepac metal hanging rail system which is quite innovative and with obvious advantages when it comes to the weight it can bear. The whole design is made by American hands on American soil and is constructed using laminated composite wood combined with CARB-compliant. There are 2 large shelves which allow you to store various things on them. The top one is made for other devices that you might connect to your smart TV, like game consoles, blu-ray players, audio systems and so one, while the lover one is for your DVD or blu-ray collection.

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Prepac Espresso Altus Wall Mounted Console


If you want to extend that modern tough to your contemporary styled room then you should seriously consider having the Prepac Espresso Altus which has the reputation as one of the best wall mounted AV consoles in 2019. Just mount it easily under your plasma TV and you will not only increase the décor level in your home but also have a great space where you can place different devices like an audio system, a blu-ray player and the list can certainly go on. On the lower smaller shelf you can keep your Blu-ray collection with all the movies you enjoy to watch over and over again. The best wall mounted AV consoles reviews also admire the cutouts of the design which will keep your wires hidden from sight and won’t allow you to trip on them. The hanging rail system which it is fitted with is also something to look forward to.

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