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Top Wall Mirrors in 2019


The best wall mirror reviews provide information on noteworthy products that offer more than just a view of of people’s reflections, but also serve as elegant accent pieces to make any room look larger. With various styles and designs to choose from, wall mirrors offer a unique enhancement to any modern living space.


Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire


The Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire is a two-in-one unit that shows how the marriage of innovation and natural styling can make the best wall mirror 2019. This classy modern piece allows you to glimpse at your reflection on one side while hiding a chic jewelry armoire behind the polished looking glass. It attaches to a wall or hangs on a door via supplied special mounting hardware. The unit has a wood, metal and glass construction, making it a perfect addition to any room or space. The lovely cherry finish is attractive in its simplicity.

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Alpine 78232A Art & Mirror


You can look like a work of art when you stare at your reflection on the Alpine 78232A Art & Mirror. This elegant looking glass has a 2.25-inch wide frame that forms a lovely shape around your profile. The brushed trim is classic and unpretentious, offering a simple yet eye-catching element that makes the product the best wall mirror 2019. The unit hangs vertically or horizontally,offering you a choice on how to enhance a room’s appearance. This mirror has great maintenance by wiping with a damp cloth. Customers love its clean and flawless appearance.

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Head West Crystal Mosaic Rectangle


The Head West Crystal Mosaic Rectangle Mirror certainly needs no frame to catch your attention. It’s a lovely product that deserves high ratings in the best wall mirror reviews. The manufacturer uses a raised fused glass technique to make the unit attractively touchable. Perfect for any room in the house, the Crystal Mosaic Rectangle Mirror employs unique detailing that endows it with an extraordinary textured appearance, which makes it inviting to the senses, especially the hands. It comes ready to hang on any surface. The color of the wall shows through, helping the unit blend in seamlessly.

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Umbra Strip Wall-Mount Mirrors


Add an interesting stylishness to any room with this modular strip mirror set from Umbra. This product is a work of artistry in interior design. It’s a set of seven narrow mirror panels that mount at different heights, giving you a seemingly gradient reflection when it catches your image. See everything in a different light with this special product that comes with its own mounting hardware for easy installation. Enjoy a variety of looks and effects from just a single reflection on this innovative product. Reflections are suddenly fun and exciting!

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Furniture Creations Arched-Top


The Arched-top Shabby Chic Wall Mirror from Furniture Creations carries a wood-framed vintage look that should brighten up any space at various levels. Featuring exclusive French Country elegance, this looking glass has a weathered white finish that makes it a fabulous addition to any color scheme. It looks like it belongs in a high-end chateau . Having it in a room infuses the space with class and style. The wall mirror is regal at its12.5-inch by 0.5 inch by 20-inch dimensions. It deserves a place of honor in your foyer, powder room or living room.

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