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Top Waffle Irons in 2019


If you’re a homemaker who wants to impress the family with perfectly-made waffles, you’ve probably gone through the best waffle iron reviews already.Compact waffle irons produce small waffles, but bulkier waffle makers do not necessarily produce bigger waffles. The waffle iron should have an easy-to-clean surface, can produce waffles with the right thickness, and is versatile when it comes to waffle shape. Waffle makers with indicator lights are a good choice, as are models which carry proper insulation. Described below are the top five waffle irons that I believe you will also like.


Waring WMK600 Pro Double Belgian-Waffle Maker


Best Waffle Iron Reviews When you get the Waring WMK600 Double Belgian waffle maker, you are definitely buying one of the top Waffle irons in 2019. The 400-watt waffle iron from Waring can bake two round-shaped waffles at the same time. It even has a rotating function so you can get even baking all the time, with waffles that are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The waffle pockets are made extra deep to give you more space for waffle toppings. Two LED indicator lights let you know when the waffle maker is heating or ready.

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Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker


 The Calphalon No Peek waffle maker has a brightly-lit progress indicator so you don’t need to peek into the maker to know that it’s doing its job. Browning progress is shown even when you don’t lift the cover, making the Calphalon waffle maker the best Waffle iron in 2019. The bronze plates not only guarantee high performance but are also made non-stick so clean-up is always a breeze. This waffle maker has three temperature settings to suit every preference, from light to medium to dark. When the waffle is ready, the waffle iron gives off an audible chime.

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National Presto Ind. 03510 Waffle Maker


The professionally-designed National Presto waffle maker has a rotating mechanism that allows you to flip the grid over for even browning. The grid is built extra thick so you can easily make a Belgian waffle of 7 –inch diameter and four sections that can be easily separated from one another. That’s why the Presto waffle maker merits mention in the best Waffle iron reviews. The dual function base ensures easy rotation when baking and can be locked in place when the waffle iron is to be stored. The interior is made non-stick for easy cleaning.

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Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker


The Cuisinart Classic Waffle maker has 5-level setting controls for browning, so you don’t end up with light colored waffles when you want darkly-browned ones. The dual indicator lights let you know when the waffle iron is ready and when it is heating. The round griddle plate is built with four compartments so you can bake four small waffles at the same time, or just one large waffle. The Cuisinart waffle maker stands on its end so you can put it away conveniently. It is the best Waffle iron in 2019 due to the brushed stainless steel body and non-stick baking plates.

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Black & Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker


The Black and Decker Waffle maker is a three-in-one kitchen appliance. It can be used as a waffle maker, a griddle and a grill. You can have it handy to make breakfast fare, as well as lunch and dinner food. Cook not only waffles but eggs, pancakes and hash browns with this versatile appliance. The plate can accommodate four waffles and when you flip it over, you can also grill sandwiches. The Black and Decker waffle iron has adjustable heat controls. The handles stay cool to the touch, and the non-stick cooking surface can be simply wiped clean after use.

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