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Top video baby monitors in 2019


Having a baby means heightened responsibility and attention. In the first months, the child is vulnerable and requires constant maintenance in order to follow a healthy road without the presence of unwanted difficulties. Well, finding the most efficient and reliable video baby monitor can be pretty difficult, taking into account their sheer numbers. Yet, if you decide to read some of the current best video baby monitors reviews you will be able to find a model capable of monitoring with precision the little one. With a professional device, your child will be protected by unwanted problems. You will know exactly when to act and take the appropriate actions.


Infant Optics DXR-5


Best Video Baby Monitors reviewsInfant Optics DXR-5 is a pro efficient baby monitor that will let you know how the baby is doing. Slim, light and with a modern body frame, the monitor delivers accurate data on the baby’s wellbeing. It incorporates a solid 2.4 GHz digital wireless FHSS communication link, maintaining a 100% secure connection with whatever goes on in the child’s room. Superior video and sound clarity is provided, which can be seen on the 2.4-inch bright TFT screen. The video baby monitor has a 150 feet indoor range and also an impressive 800 feet outdoor reception thus keeping the little one close to you.

“I need to know what is happening in my baby`s room all the time and this is the reason why I got the Infant Optics DXR-5 baby monitor. I take the monitor with me all around the house and this way I see what my baby is doing when I’m not there with him.” Samantha Cox

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Motorola MBP36


If you want a high quality video baby monitor then Motorola MBP36 is certainly a smart and good investment. This device will provide you with the reassurance you need that your child is feeling ok and sleeping without problems. The model is equipped with a powerful 2.4GHz FHSS technology that delivers superior sound precision while adding audio comfort when the little one starts to cry. On the 3.5” LCD display you will see in detail the baby, receiving data from an impressive range of 200 meters. If you are a concerned parent that wants the very best for the little one then this is the “assistant” care you need.

“After studying the features of more than one video baby monitor, I came to the conclusion that this model from Motorola was the best. I have it installed in my baby`s room and I know everything what happens in his room whether it is night or day.” Barbara Carey

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Motorola MBP33


The majority of the current best video baby monitors reviews emphasize on the great operating system of Motorola MBP33, a model which is very popular among young and recurrent parents. On the 2.8” LCD display you will see the data transmitted through the 2.4 GHz FHSS technology. It has a range of 200 meters and the data is secured and kept far away from prying eyes. Furthermore the video baby monitor features a two-way communication which enables parents to speak with their child, soothing them to sleep better. The model also has a night vision feature, which gives you the opportunity how the child is doing but without turning on the light.

“Since I have been using this baby monitor I feel more at ease because it presents a whole new set of opportunities, allowing me to follow what my baby is doing even when I’m in another room. The fact that he hears my voice even when I’m not there is very reassuring to him.” Mariah Gleason

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Samsung SEW-3037W


Keep a close watch on your baby and be prepared whenever he calls. How? Well, use with confidence Samsung SEW-3037W video baby monitor and always care for the little one. The device has a 3.5” high quality color LCD display which allows you to see and better supervise the child’s wellbeing. The data is transmitted via the secure 2.4 GHz signal, recorded through the VGA camera. In addition, the video monitor ha a remote control that allows you to see better the child or even activate the night light which soothes him. Talk to him and keep him company even thou you are in the other room.

“Investing in a video baby monitor was a great idea from my part and especially investing in one from Samsung. The live images I see on its monitor are very clear and the sound feedback is also perfect, so when I sleep I immediately wake up if I sense that she is getting restless.” Emily Stoner

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Summer Infant Color


In a growing pace, the present best video baby monitors reviews emphasize on the fluid functionality and great baby care features of Summer Infant Color model. This baby touch monitor comes with 3-1/2-inch LCD screen that provides sharp and detailed images of the little one. The touchscreen interface is intuitive and very easy to use, letting you control the camera’s zoom, scan, video volume and even brightness settings. This model also received the Parent Tested Parent Approved 2011 Award. It has an impressive 400 feet range, and it’s powered by batteries. You can even set up three or four additional cameras.

“Having this baby monitor in my home is a great advantage and now I feel even more secure than before about my baby`s well being. Its range is great, covering all the house and even some parts of the yard, which is a huge advatage for me.” Sandra Chrest     

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