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With all the hype on passive exercise gradually picking up on all fronts, fitness-conscious consumers have been eagerly checking out the best vibration platform reviews to find premium machines for rehab and exercise purposes. Vibration platform manufacturers will do what they can to get buyers attracted to purchasing their products, so it is ultimately up to the consumer to distinguish between the best and the worst on the market.

Best Vibration platform

Vibration Benefits

The products featured in the best vibration platform reviews are classified as passive exercise gear. The most popular machines offer whole body vibration, which has the user standing on the platform, knees bent at a 30-degree angle. The surface underneath the feet vibrates at a rate of 30 times every second. This vibration serves to give the body a sensation of falling, which serves to activate a ‘stress reflex’, producing rapid contraction of the muscles. The contractions produce the benefits expected from this type of exercise.

The benefits include muscle flexibility and strength, greater circulation, stability, core conditioning and a better range of motion. The muscles are also able to recover faster after the workout. Experts add that using a vibration platform also: increases levels of the human growth hormone; reduces cortisol, the stress hormone; increases density of bone mineral; enhances metabolism; improves lymphatic flow.

Aside from that, the continuous vibration also stimulates production of collagen to ensure smooth skin. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. People with health restrictions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and some forms of arthritis that prevent them from exercising may also enjoy muscle conditioning and toning.


Vibration Intensity/Type

Some models only shake or vibrate but the top rated vibration platforms of 2019 come equipped with a virtual coach that takes the user through a comprehensive workout on the platform. Not all of them vibrate in just a single direction (linear). Some pivot, much like a seesaw (pivotal). Others move up and down.

Typically, this type of machine shakes 20 to 50 times per second, with the user getting a sensation of being in a rickety roller-coaster coach, but standing up. The skeletal muscles are stimulated to stretch and contract with these vibrations, making more muscles work compared to the number of muscles that are used during voluntary movements only.


Machine Features

The best vibration platform in 2019 should be able to create a large amount of mechanical energy that challenges and transfers to the muscles in the form of sound, heat and mechanical vibration. Typically, the heaviest, most energy-consuming, heaviest and biggest machines can provide a great workout.

A medium-sized platform may limit the number of exercise positions usable with the machine compared to a large one. However, the larger the platform size, the harder the machine may need to work, which could have direct consequences on the performance. Choose the platform size you are comfortable with.

Don’t be blinded by sheer aesthetics alone when buying a vibration platform. Choose only the machine that truly benefits your health.


Top Vibration Platforms in 2019


To find a good quality vibration platform, shop around and do not simply settle on the first machine you come across. It pays to do your own homework before making a purchase. If you just can’t spare the time to do your own reading and research, getting any one of these three machines should prove to be advantageous to jumpstarting your overall fitness and health.



Merax Full Body Crazy Fit


1.Merax Full Body Crazy FitEquipped with a huge 600-watt 1.5-horsepower eco-silent drive motor, the Merax Full Body Crazy Fit vibration platform is designed to build and tone the muscles and help users lose weight and reduce cellulite. It offers different speed ranges to help users start from the lowest then move on to the higher levels as they go along. No matter what level is chosen, a strong massage vibration is delivered by the machine to improve: strength of the muscles; body density; circulation; metabolism rate; coordination and balance; appearance of the skin. Thread veins may also get reduced with continued use.

Outfitted with yoga straps, the Merax Full Body Crazy Fit can help improve the strength and flexibility of the arms and upper body. It has an easy-to-operate console equipped with window display screens that show machine information and usage data. The machine has three preset programs to help users make the most of every workout session. It is also equipped with current overload protection to ensure safe continuous use, and has disturbance and static electricity resistance for consistent operation. Adjusting the height of the machine is easy, thanks to the retractable foot that also keeps the unit balanced.

The vibration platform, with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds, offers a speed range of 1 to 50 to accommodate different user preferences.

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Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body


2.Hypervibe G-10 Whole BodyEnjoy a drug-free means of getting your physique toned and your muscles strong and flexible. The Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body vibration platform offers a natural way of helping the body move and feel better, with greater muscle coordination and strength. Workouts on this machine can help jumpstart your fitness and weight goals thanks to how it can combat cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic system. The machine not only increases strength but can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis as it generates mechanical energy to move your muscles throughout the entire body.

This powerful machine is small and lightweight yet generates up to 9.7 g’s of G-force to stimulate the locomotor muscles to be more flexible and able to do more work. It is great for maintaining bone strength and accelerating fitness and weight loss goals. For people who suffer from painful muscles and joints or who have limited mobility, such as those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and some forms of arthritis. The Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body vibration platform can bring some much needed relief as well.

The machine comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, serving as an assurance of top quality and craftsmanship. It is Bluetooth-enabled for easy user control and interface with portable devices including smartphones, MP3’s and tablets.

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Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body NHCFV-2000


3.Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body NHCFV-2000Outfitted with a vibration plate that creates a high-frequency vibration, the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body NHCFV-2000 causes the core locomotor muscles to respond with a stretch reflex as they contract involuntarily and thus create the effects of exercise. This is done minus the exertion during regular exercises. The Power Plus vibration plate features yoga straps that stretch the muscle fibers to develop toning and flexibility in the arms and upper body. By extending the straps in various positions, the user is able to work on various muscle groups. As the user pulls further against the resistance on the straps, the muscle fibers also undergo growth and become more toned.

Working out on the vibration platform for just 10 minutes twice or thrice a week can be a great complement to eating a low fat and low calorie diet, with each 10-minute session being equivalent to an hour of doing regular exercise. The machine accommodates a user weight of up to 300 pounds, perfect for different members of the family. It offers a maximum power of 1.5 horsepower and has an input power of 600 watts. The speed range varies between 1 and 50, so users can select the exact level they are comfortable working out with.

This fitness machine can help combat cellulite, increase bone density, improve circulation, increase muscle strength and improve general fitness when used regularly.

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