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Things to Consider When Buying a New Two-way Radio


When frequent communication is required on the job, the devices in the best two way radio reviews offer a practical and easy means of staying in contact at all times. Efficient, lightweight and generally inexpensive, two-way radios can get the job done and offer versatile uses, as well. To ensure that you are making an intelligent investment in this kind of product, check out the necessary elements in a two-way radio.

Best Two-way radio


Some models are able to communicate with each other over longer distances, operating on the GMRS band, while FRS models can transmit over a few miles of distance.

The maximum distance through which two radios can communicate is referred to as the range. Manufacturers of the products found in the best two way radio reviews typically plaster this parameter all over the package of their units. Remember: those claims are fundamentally based on transmission capability in optimal conditions. The presence of tall buildings and mountains in the way will not guarantee the same range at all, making this element significantly less.

Range claims are based on line of sight. Trees, valleys and other terrain elements have a direct effect on the transmission range. Aside from the human body itself, transmission range can be affected by weather, topography elements, obstructions, electromagnetic interference and large metal surfaces.





The best two way radio for 2019 is not bulky and is lightweight. You will also want an ergonomically shaped unit that allows easy use even when wearing gloves. The length of the antenna should be approximately the same as that of the body.

Some models have calling and paging features that enable the user to get the attention of the other team members before starting the conversation. This can be achieved either through an audible tone or a vibration feature.

Locating an empty channel to communicate with is facilitated through a scanning feature.

A voice-activated feature commences automatic broadcast when the user speaks in the radio’s direction, for hands-free operation. Headphone jacks also facilitate hands-free use.

With noise filter, signals are clearer and the range is enhanced.


Privacy Code

The 22-channels of a two-way radio can get occupied easily when used in a perennially busy setting. To prevent this, plenty of models offer a Continuous Digital Coded Squelch System (CTCSS/CDCSS) that enables the subdivision of main channels via privacy codes. As a result, one can communicate with a friend using a specific channel plus a privacy code. This is the best option when no channel is absolutely clear, and can also reduce unwanted chatter on the main channel.


Top Two-way Radios in 2019


Finding the top rated two way radio 2019 is not quite as easy as finding a smartphone. The buyer needs a basic knowledge of the necessary elements in order to ensure a good purchase. For those who seek the best but don’t have time to spare for reading and research, we recommend getting any one of these top selling units.



BaoFeng UV-5R


1.BaoFeng UV-5RGeared with an output of 4 watts/1 watt on a dual band system, the BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio facilitates frequent communication on a busy worksite. The compact handheld transceiver offers 4 watts on a frequency range of 136 to 174 MHz as well as 400 to 480 MHz. The device comes with a special VHF reception band from 65 to 108 MHz and also includes the standard FM broadcast band. It supports dual watch and dual reception so no vital communication signals are missed. This model provides a maximum of 128 memories to facilitate scanning for free channels. The radio also enables selection between wide and narrow range to optimize communications.

The Battery Save function sends the device into a low-power mode after a specific amount of time has passed between active broadcasts, preserving the life of the battery. The VOX or voice-activated feature is a convenient feature for hands-free operation. The DCS/CTCSS encode feature allows communication even when no channel is absolutely unoccupied by other users. The ANT5 SMA-J flexible antenna enables easy placement of the device in the pocket and helps in easily finding an optimal transmission range.

Made to be extra portable, the BaoFeng UV-5R comes with an efficient BL-5 lithium-ion battery, a wrist strap, a belt clip, an AC adapter plus a drop-in charging tray.

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Motorola MS355R


2.Motorola MS355RPerfect for outdoor communications, the Motorola MS355R two way radio is made tough with a waterproof construction that makes it ideal for use during harsh weather conditions. It can withstand submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and the Realtree AP HD camo pattern makes it a fantastic device for adventures in the wild. Able to repel the heaviest rain droplets, the radio floats and is easily visible on the surface of the water. The headset connector enables discreet communication and sound enhancement even in noisy settings while enabling the user to multitask through hands-free conversations. The earbud with point-to-talk (PTT) feature offers a clutter-free way of speaking and listening to other users.

The earbud connector easily fits in the ear or can be simply snapped to your shirt or lapel, for an unrestricted means of communicating while enjoying the beauty of nature. The hourglass shape of the device enables easy fit into the palm of the hand, effectively reducing discomfort and fatigue. The device is made for maintaining a firm grip thanks to the non-slip ridges. The integrated repeater channels enables the device to work flawlessly with a local repeater station so your signal is carried further.

The device transmits NOAA weather alerts to enable users to get warnings of incoming weather disturbances and dangerous conditions.

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Midland GXT1050VP4


3.Midland GXT1050VP4Serving as the perfect communication tool for the outdoorsman, the Midland GXT1050VP4 two-way radio boasts a superb mossy oak breakup camo finish that makes it fit in with any outdoor setting. This 22-channel radio is designed for General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operation, with a maximum range of up to 36 miles in optimal conditions, with little or no obstruction and in open areas. The communication device has 142 privacy codes, providing up to 5560 channel options so other conversations are effectively blocked. It can also lock onto local weather channels to alert the user of severe weather conditions, thanks to the NOAA Weather alert radio feature with weather scan.

The two-way radio enables the sending of distress/locator signals during critical situations. It allows the user to whisper during conversations and still be heard clearly at the receiving end. The JIS4 waterproof feature offers protection against splashes and light rain, thanks to the rugged construction that protects all the vital and sensitive electronic components inside the unit. Direct calls to other people in the group can be made without alerting the whole team, thanks to the Group Call feature. Enjoy hands-free operation plus easy voice activation thanks to the VOX feature, which eliminates the need for an external microphone.

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