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How to Buy a Top Two Stage Snow Blower


Buying one of the top rated two stage snow blowers of 2019 might look like a complicated thing to do. To make matters easier and to improve your entire buying journey, we have put together a short yet informative buying guide which can help you understand some core aspects of any two stage snow blower. Remember to read as much information as possible and go over many customer reviews, as the opinion of other buyers can be deal-breaking whenever making a purchase.

Best two stage snow blower

Safety precautions

Although this detail isn’t actually related to the snow blower, we need to underline the importance of proper clothing. While out in the freezing weather, wear something that you consider comfortable, but don’t exaggerate with exercise as you’ll start sweating and get a cold. Furthermore, snow blowers are operated during the winter, so it is recommended that people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension or heart disease refrain from using these units.


What grade do you want to buy?

Two stage snow blowers use gas and that’s because they have a higher capacity and performance than their electric counterparts. Even so, two stage snow blowers can be split into three main categories: entry-level, mid-grade and professional models. The first are cheaper while the second are stronger and more durable. The third are by far the best, but they’re the most expensive. Which one do you need?


Easiness of use

The larger the tires, the easier you’ll be able to move the snow blower. If possible, choose a unit that has a comfortable handle and allows the user to easily access the bearings. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to maintenance!


Direction and height adjustment

Two-stage snow blowers are complex machines that take the hassle out of adjusting height and direction. While with single-stage units, the user needs to perform these customizations by using the handle, with two-stage models it’s even easier than that. Most units have joystick controls. If you are unsure about how effective the controls of a specific model really are, we recommend going to a specialized store and trying out the snow blower you intend on buying.


Top Two Stage Snow Blowers in 2019


Since we know that getting the best two stage snow blower in 2019 is a daunting task, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers. They are known for being dependable, convenient and most of all, affordable.


Power Smart DB7659A Compact 2-Stage Snow Thrower


1.Power Smart DB7659A CompactThe Power Smart DB7659A has managed to gather some of the best two stage snow blower reviews out there, and that really comes as no surprise. This is an upgraded version of an older model. The unit comes with a 4-way joystick control which can be used efficiently for adjusting direction and height.

The model is made of 100% steel, which largely contributes to its overall durability and sturdiness. It’s actually said that this is one of the most durable products in the line.

California residents cannot purchase the Power Smart DB7659A as their local legislation does not allow it.

The manufacturers have certainly raised the bar when it comes to developing snow throwers, what with this one’s 208 cc LCT Storm Force OHV engine. Extreme performance and excellent coverage have been successfully combined into this mode. The width of the coverage is 22 inches and the intake height is 16 inches. The entire weight of the unit is 154 pounds.

The company is offering a 1-year limited warranty on this item.

Over 50 buyers have provided 5-star ratings on the Power Spart DB7659A. Most of them claim it works like a dream, especially for 2-car driveways.

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Yard Machines 31A-32AD700 Self Propelled Two-Stage Snow Thrower


2.Yard Machines 31A-32AD700 Self PropelledYard Machines is a well-known name among snow blower manufacturers. The company has been developing top-notch products for a decent number of years and is known for offering excellent customers support.

This is a compact, self-propelled snow blower that’s a bit on the smaller side. It does a great job for sidewalks, driveways and patios, but removing snow from larger areas might be a little more tricky.

The unit comes with a 9-inch steel auger and a 10-inch impeller. A 180-degree chute rotation is part of the deal and is known for adjusting easily and for withstanding freezing and rusting.

As is the case with the aforementioned Power Smart model, this one can’t be sold in the state of California.

The Yard Machines 31A-32AD700 is easy to utilize and customize and makes removing snow a breeze. It is more lightweight than its Power Smart counterpart, weighing it at 118 pounds. Unlike the model we’ve showcased above, this one does not feature an electric start.

The machine comes pre-assembled by Amazon so users don’t even need to go through the trouble of putting anything together. Judging by some of the best two stage snow blower reviews, this is a good, sturdy unit that can hold up through any winter.

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Poulan PRO PR241 Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower


3.Poulan PRO PR241Poulan Pro is yet again one of the most reputable manufacturers of units like these, as the company takes its clients very seriously and offers warranties between 2 and 4 years. In fact, this is the exact case of this product, which is covered by a 2-year limited warranty on the whole ensemble and a 4-year warranty on the engine.

This is a 24-inch two-stage snow thrower that has a 208cc Poulan PRO engine, which is relatively well known for its excellent power. The intake height is 23 inches. The 12-inch tires, combined with the comfort grip loop handles make getting rid of snow as easy as pie.

The unit has 6 speeds for Forward and one speed for Reverse.

The model features an electric start, which gives a helping hand to users who don’t want to keep pulling any cord on a cold winter morning.

Although it’s clearly heavier than the other two models we’ve described above, the Poulan Pro PR241 can be bought at a fair price. It doesn’t cost more than the Yard Machines model but it does feature an electric start. This isn’t a toy, it’s a serious snow blower that will do precisely what it is supposed to do.

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