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Top TV stands in 2019


In the best TV stands reviews that have been published in the past, the products that will be mentioned below have been given positive feedback. The good reviews from other people can be an assurance that choosing these products will be a decision that you will not regret, and hence, being able to provide the best bang for the buck.


Sonax Fiji TV Component Bench


Best TV Stands ReviewsIf you have a big TV at home, this is the perfect stand for you. Aside from being able to accommodate bigger models, many have also considered such as one of the top rated TV stands in 2019 because of its ravenwood black finish, making it very stylish. While the two models that have been mentioned earlier have an open design, this TV stand has a bottom part that is enclosed with tempered glass for maximum durability. The doors have magnetic catches and can be easily opened with just a single push. Since the glass doors are transparent, make sure to keep your consoles organized to avoid looking messy.

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Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand


This is another option that is often recommended for people who are looking for the best TV stands in 2019. The stand has a capacity of 95 pounds. It also has a divider, allowing you to better manage the consoles that are placed in such. It has a wood finish that makes it look traditional, although it will still prove to be perfect in contemporary rooms. From looking at the stand, you might think that there are drawers, but they are actually just hidden storage with simulated doors.  While you will need some time to complete its assembly, your effort will be worth it after seeing the finished product.

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Sauder Deco Panel


This product has the ability to support up to 70 pounds of weight. Being considered as one of the best TV stands in 2019, this is a popular choice basically because of its attractive style, which makes it comparable to the alternatives that can be found in the higher end of the market. It is one of those products that will not punch holes in your pocket, yet, you can be assured that it is visually appealing. It is made with the use of tempered glass, which basically explains why it is meant to withstand an extended period of use.

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Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wide 3-tier


The contemporary look of this model is one thing that is frequently highlighted in the best TV stands reviews. With such, this will prove to be perfect in adding style to your living room. It is made from laminate fiberboard and comes with a black wood-grain finish. While the TV is going to be placed at the top of the stand, if offers more space for storage as it comes with two more layers of boards that will be good for storing consoles, DVDs, and magazines, among others. It also has a tie for wires, making it possible to manage cables for you to avoid mess.

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Convenience Concepts 3-tier


In some cases, the simplicity of the product is one thing that makes it look more attractive. Such is exactly the case with this product, which is known for being minimal and stylish. There are three different levels. The top level is where you place the TV and has a weight capacity of 80 pounds. The other two levels can accommodate DVD players and consoles, among others. It has a wood grain finish and supported by stainless steel poles. The latter is known for being able to resist stain, and hence, making it look good through the years.

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