Best Toys for 1 year old kids reviews


Top toys for 1 year old kids in 2019


When it comes to children’s happiness, parents go all the way in order to find high quality toys. Still, out of the many toys currently available on the market it may prove to be a challenge to discover the one suited to the child’s needs. Reading some of the latest best toys for 1 year old kids reviews will provide the right insight in discovering the one for your infant. Parents know full well that a great toy will become the children’s best companion for years to come. This is the reason, choosing a toy represents a challenging activity which needs to be treated accordingly.


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes


Best Toys for 1 year old kids reviewsOne of the greatest toys currently available on the market is Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, designed to provide countless hours of joy and happiness for the little one. This toy comes with 7 baby friendly and soothing classical melodies that make the child smile. You have the possibility to control the melodies volume with the easy interface, thus setting a relaxing mood even for you, as a parent. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes has a colorful and very easy to grasp Caterpillar handle which helps the baby enjoy the quality sound and the toy’s company anywhere he goes. This toy promotes precise auditory development and also subtle music appreciation.

“I know that playing is extremely important for a baby, this is the way how he discoveres most of the world`s secrets. I bought the Baby Einstein so he plays and learns something at the same time and this is what this toy delivers. He is so happy when he is playing with it.” Rachel Porter

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Tomy Lamaze Play & Grow


Most of the present best toys for 1 year old kids reviews, written by satisfied parents underline the great design of Tomy Lamaze Play & Grow Take Along Toy which easily becomes the child’s best friend. The carefully designed plush toy manages to keep the babies fully entertained and laughing. This firefly from Lamaze & Grow has clinking rings and a knotted antenna is ideal for chewing. Tomy Lamaze Play & Grow was designed for newborn until the age of 24 months, including a delightful peek-a-boo mirror and a squeaker which the little ones simply adore to have.

“This cute little toy is just adored by my little daughter, she laughs and laughs everytime she is playing with it. Most of it is made out of soft plush so there is no danger to my baby. I recommend it to parents all over the US for the smiles it puts on my baby’s face!” Jennifer Stone

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Baby Einstein Bendy Ball


Do you want your kid to smile and collect joyful moments? Well, if your answer is yes then you have to take a closer look on Baby Einstein Bendy Ball, whose popularity grown in the last year. Parents love the positive effects that the toy has on the child, placing a sense of security and relaxation. Made out of soft and flexible plastic, blending bright primary colours that make the Bendy Ball ideal for the kids to bend, roll, grasp or squeeze. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball has a rolling chime ball inside that delivers additional sounds and delightful visual stimulation. This Bendy Ball is charming, attractive and basically a fun toy to play with.

“The colorful and soft Baby Einstein bendy toy is my little boys favorite toy, which he takes with him even when he sleeps. The sounds it makes when my son squeezes it intrigue him very much and keep his attention on it the whole time he plays with it.Olivia Sanders

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VTech Sit-to-Stand toy


Receiving high marks from the latest best toy for 1 year old kids reviews, VTech Sit-to-Stand toy was developed to help children grow and develop easier. The little ones will play with Sit-to-Stand from VTech, which allows them to discover animals, music, numbers, shapes and also colors. The toy is a continuous journey and self-development that the child undergoes. VTech Sit-to-Stand toy comes with two modes of play: learning and also music, activities that seem to delight the little one. In the music mode, the shape sorters or press the three shape buttons which delight the infant with melodies.

“This is the perfect educational toy for my girl and I am so lucky I found it. She learns in a fun way about numbers, different animals and there is also music so there is a wonderful ambiance. The fun my baby has with it makes me give the advice to other parents of getting it for their babies.” Becky Lewis

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Vulli Sophie the Giraffe


Well, one of the coolest toy for 1 year old kids is Vulli Sophie the Giraffe which slowly becomes a source of joy. Made out of phthalate and BPA free, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe manages to fully facilitate baby development. This toy packs a full of discoveries and various activities that the child embarks on. The giraffe delivers visual stimulation and becomes a familiar and also a secure source of confidence. In addition to its familiarity, Vulli Sophie has squeaks that make the baby amused and also attentive. Ideal for the small hands of the baby, Vulli Sophie can be held and caressed day after day.

“Even though at first I thought this little giraffe  only squeaks, I later found out that it is not the only thing it can do. The visual simulation is adored by my little one and he laughs and talks to it I think, every time the giraffe squeaks.” Emily Jones

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