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When you’re shopping for the best toilet seat elevator, it is essential to stay informed on what elements are to be found in the purchase. A raised toilet seat is a novel invention for people who have difficulty sitting on a standard toilet seat. It is typically recommended for short term use upon discharge from the hospital of people who’ve had knee surgeries, post-hip replacements or fractures. Despite being a temporary solution, a raised toilet seat needs to be purchased using ultimate judgment on what has to be present, considering the essential role it is to play in the life of the user.

A.Toilet Seat Elevator

Short-, Medium- or Long-term Use

People who need short recovery times, or will only have occasional or post-surgery use of the raised toilet seat won’t require a locking device on the unit. A short-term unit is very easy to use, aside from being portable. It can be setup with a Toilet Safety Frame since this kind is attached using reliable mechanisms and not bolted or clamped on for greater security.

Those with a chronic need for an elevated toilet seat, as well as the elderly or the disabled can benefit from a raised toilet seat designed for long-term use. This type is made extra secure and is outfitted with many features that make it easy to use.

For medium-term use, you will need a raised toilet seat with a special locking device, brackets and front clamps that keep the unit from shifting. It provides a better alternative to permanent fixation.


Optimal Seat Height

Adding between two to six inches in height, a raised toilet seat sits atop the stool. It will require less flexion on the knees and hips if the unit is made higher, so the user can sit down and stand up easier. You will need to purchase the right height in order to feel stable on the raised toilet seat. Ideally, the device should allow you to position yourself with your feet flat on the floor.

In addition, you may also elevate the toilet seat from underneath by raising the entire toilet. The elevator device should not change the look of your standard toilet despite being able to raise it 3.5 inches higher off the ground.


Style or Fit

An asymmetrical-shaped raised toilet seat with one side cut out to accommodate one leg in the prescribed position while sitting is perfect for use by people who’ve undergone hip replacement, or during post-surgery stage for leg, knee and hip injuries as well as fractures. This style allows the knee to be placed lower than the new hip during hip replacement recovery.

Extra-wide, heavy duty bariatric toilet seats accommodate users up to 600 pounds. A wheelchair transfer toilet seat bolts onto most standard toilets and instantly transforms the toilet for that purpose.


Top Toilet Seat Elevators in 2019


Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser


1.Drive Medical Premium Seat RiserInstantly converting the best toilets 2019 into innovative units that allow people with poor balance, arthritis, limited mobility or injury issues to manage everyday activities more easily, the Raised Toilet Seat by Drive Medical adds an extra 3.5 inches off the ground. This means you won’t have to bend too far to sit, so stress is reduced on your knees and hips. The Raised Toilet Seat by Drive Medical helps relieve the pain and can make you more independent during toilet use. It is made for people who have difficulty settling down onto the toilet or rising up from it.

The Raised Toilet Seat by Drive Medical can be used with an existing toilet seat and lid. It is built with rubberized padded armrests that feature an easy push-button release so you can use the unit with or without the armrests. The armrests are made for comfort and support when sitting or getting up. The raised toilet seat offers easy attachment without need for tools. It screws from your existing toilet seat by sliding through screw holes, assuring you of problem-free installation.

The Raised Toilet Seat by Drive Medical is easy to clean. You can opt to use it with or without your existing toilet seat. Durable, portable and lightweight, the Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms lets you experience safety and independence and can support up to 300 pounds maximum.

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Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator


2.Carex Health BrandsRequiring very little room to install, the Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator is perfect for use in small bathrooms. This raised toilet seat with arms is elongated for easy fit into standard round toilets. It elevates your existing toilet seat by 3.5 inches, fitting right into it. Users will appreciate the handles that not only provide extra stability but also ensure safety and comfort during use. The handles are solidly made and feature padding for easy comfort. They are also easy to clean, so you won’t have to get special cleaning agents to ensure hygienic use.

The Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator installs under an existing toilet seat, so you’ll still enjoy the feel of a standard toilet supplemented by extra height off the ground. The added height helps people with limited mobility or with balance issues to get up from the toilet seat and settle into it with ease. You can hold on to the sturdy handles for more support during use. The wing nuts are easy to tighten underneath, so you won’t have to worry about having to do intricate work to ensure a consistently tight attachment.

Users have proven that the toilet seat elevator is easy to install and use.

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Maddak, Inc. Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat


3.Maddak, Inc. Ableware HingedThe Maddak, Inc. Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat fits most elongated toilet seats. It lifts and lowers like a regular toilet seat, so you won’t have to worry that it’s too heavy or too light for use. The Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat installs via your existing seat and lid, giving you a subtle and cost-effective way to add height to your toilet. It measures 20.25 by 14.75 by 3.75 inches, and is solidly built with two parts hinged together to allow the unit to be lifted in the same way that you raise and lower a regular toilet seat.

Elevating the seating position by three inches, the Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat provides a total elevation of four inches with your existing toilet seat on top. The hinged design ensures that cleaning is always easy and hassle-free. The Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat can support up to 350 pounds. It ships with the necessary hardware kit, and is available in standard and elongated sizes. The unit will not appreciably alter the appearance of your toilet, perhaps even enhancing it as a result.

The Ableware Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat bolts onto your existing toilet seat, so you won’t have to worry about any complicated setup process just to install the unit.




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