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Top toaster ovens in 2019


To make it easier for you to prepare fresh and delicious toast that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, you should analyze all the factors in the best toaster ovens reviews, including the ones that are mentioned in this article. The rest of this review will note some of the features of the five available options in the marketplace, making it easier for you to decide which one is the best option.


Breville BOV800XL toaster oven


Best Toaster Ovens reviewsDubbed as the Smart Oven, the manufacturer of this model claims that it is a revolutionary product since it does the thinking for you. This means that it has an intuitive smart functioning, resulting into a superior performance that is unmatched by other models. It has a cooking technology that allows the oven to adjust its settings automatically. In addition, it is also considered as a good choice because it provides even heating, which leads into more consistent results.

“Not the cheapest thing you can find on the web but I can assure whoever affords it that this oven does the money. It blends in my kitchen perfectly and I use it mainly for heating cooked foods and baking pizzas. Wattage of 1800 high radiating heat makes it quite powerful for cooking almost anything else along with its 9 pre-set functions.” Jessica Martinez

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Oster TSSTTVMNDG toaster oven


One of the famous consumer research magazines has named this model as one of the best products for 2019, which can be an assurance that this is a great unit to own. One thing that makes it a good choice is that it has digital controls and display, making it easy to monitor the progress. It also comes with interior light for easy viewing. The racks inside the oven can be positioned in two ways, offering you flexibility in its use. For many users, this is one of the most applauded model from best toaster ovens reviews that will be worth every dollar spent.

“Really love this cost-effective device because of its looks and how it cooks. I can serve sophisticated dishes that demand temperatures of about 500 degrees. Despite its low price it has numerous functions such as external crumb tray, wire rack that can be removed, two rack positions, baking pan with broil rack included all interfaced to the controls.” David O’Shea

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Cuisinart TOB-40 toaster oven


The dials of this oven are designed with rubberized grips, to make sure that they can be easily turned based on the desired setting, even if your hands are wet. More so, its handles stay cool to the touch, to avoid any injury resulting from the heat that is being made by the oven. There were also many people who have liked the presence of nonstick interior, which allows them to easily clean the unit and to remove any leftover that has accumulated from the oven.

“I bought this oven at discounts and I must say I’m impressed every time I use it. Besides broiling,bagel, baking or just heating plates this is a top of the class manufacture. It has sticky knobs, easy to clean non-stick interior, a crumb tray and the automatic sliding oven rack when the door opens. Although it has a 1800 W power it is energy efficient.” Eric J. Crawford  

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Black & Decker TRO480BS toaster oven


The large capacity and versatility of this unit is one of the reasons why it is often included in the best toaster ovens reviews. It has the ability to handle up to four slices, and does more than just toasting. It also has excellent functionality for baking and broiling, as well as its warming function. The design of the crumb tray is also worth commending. It can be accessed from the outside, even when the door of the oven is closed. This makes it easier to empty the tray once it is already full of crumbs, without the need to open the door.

“When it comes to electronics those at Black & Decker are my no. 1 on the list. I made no exception when I purchased this low-cost oven. After comparing it to different models and brands it seemed that this one was less expensive yet functional and versatile enough. It has all the standard features of a bottom range oven: broil, bake, toast, bagel.” Yonis Hemmes

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Hamilton Beach 22708 toaster oven


If you are looking for a unit that already has the functionality of both a toaster and oven, this is a good choice. What makes it an even better option is that it has a compact size, which makes it a great addition to small kitchen spaces. The shade is controlled with its electronic function, which is a good thing since it makes sure that the results are consistent. Many have also been delighted with the inclusion of the sliding function lever, which is used to control the functioning of the unit, along with the rotating dials that are conveniently located at the front.

“This product blends perfectly in my small size kitchen. Preparing breakfast has never been easier for me. I’m not so much of a chef and now I can toast my bread and prepare something precooked in just minutes. The compact look and solid construction makes this 2-in-1 appliance a good investment for starters like me.” Arienne L’Angelier

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