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Thermoelectric coolers are ideal for use in dorm rooms, vacation cabins, RVs, and almost anywhere else you need to keep drinks and snacks refreshingly cold. Capable of plugging into a 12V outlet, these convenient coolers are the perfect choice when standard electricity isn’t available. There are some aspects to consider and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best thermoelectric cooler in 2019.

Best thermoelectric cooler


One of the first aspects to consider, according to the best thermoelectric cooler reviews is the size. While these environmentally friendly coolers are all designed to be portable, the amount of storage space can vary. Smaller 29 quart coolers are budget friendly and can hold up to 48 12 oz cans, but this doesn’t leave much room for additional food items. Larger coolers capable of holding 40 quarts are also affordably priced, and have the extra room to fit cold cuts and other snacks.



The best thermoelectric cooler reviews suggest choosing a model with a design that works best for you. Taller coolers with left or right opening doors are great for cabins and dorms, and can often replace a less efficient portable refrigerator. Thermoelectric coolers that have top opening lids are generally recommended for use outdoors, and can prevent food and beverages from spilling onto the ground. Models that feature an ergonomic design are easier and more comfortable to carry which is always appreciated.



There are some features to consider that include long lasting motors that are quiet and efficient. Convection style fans can help prolong the life of the motor, along with preventing dangerous overheating. Long 12V extension cords ensure that the cooler can be easily plugged in while still staying conveniently close by. Folding handles make it easier to carry the cooler, and some even feature foam padding for added comfort. You might also want to consider a thermoelectric cooler with a removable tray, especially if it will be used as small refrigerator.


Top Thermoelectric Coolers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the top rated thermoelectric coolers for 2019. Designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly, these convenient models will keep your snacks and beverages refreshingly cold. Perfect for use anywhere there is a 12V outlet, maybe one of these thermoelectric coolers is exactly what you are looking for.


Coleman PowerChill 5644-760


1.Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric CoolerThis thermoelectric cooler is perfect for camping, sporting events, or for use as a small refrigerator in a dorm room. It comes at an affordable price that will fit most student budgets, and features a durable construction that can withstand dorm parties and the rigors of use outside. Easily portable and convenient to use, this thermoelectric cooler might be just what you need.

Its portable design lets you use the cooler almost anywhere, and since it plugs into a vehicle’s 12V lighter you don’t have to worry about finding an electric outlet. The powerful motor is capable of keeping food and beverages 40 degrees colder than the external temperature, and you will love how quiet the cooler is when it is running.

With 40 quarts of storage space you can easily chill 10 oz soda and beer cans, and still have room for snacks. The adjustable tray provides you with a convenient storage shelf, and can be removed for easy cleaning. You will also appreciate the side opening door that lets the cooler function as an efficient refrigerator. It can also be laid on its side and used as a traditional cooler. With the adjustable door and the ability to hold up to 44 cans along with your snacks, it is easy to see why this cooler is a consumer favorite.

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Igloo 40358-P Iceless


2.Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric CoolerKeep beverages ice cold and snacks chilled with this portable thermoelectric cooler. It is perfect for use outdoors, and features a durable construction that can withstand years of wear and tear. Priced to fit most budgets and designed to last, this might be exactly what you need at your tailgating party.

You will appreciate its ergonomic designed that includes convenient side handles. The cooler is designed to rest against your body without bumping uncomfortably against your side. The side notches make it easy to pick up when the cooler is full, and the top handle is padded for comfort. The handle can also be folded down when it is not being used.

The lid easily opens from the top for convenient access, and you will love having plenty of storage space since the cooler does not require ice. The cooler also includes an eight foot power cord that plugs easily into any 12V outlet. Keep drinks and snacks cold at tailgating events, or use it as a second refrigerator at your next backyard party. It also features an efficient and quiet motor, along with a cooling fan to help prevent dangerous overheating.

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Koolatron P27 Voyager


3.Koolatron Voyager Thermoelectric CoolerThis 29 quart thermoelectric cooler will keep drinks and snacks cold without ice, which gives you plenty of room to hold up to 48 cans of beer or soda. It is perfect for RVs or camping trips, and can even be used as a convenient second refrigerator in your home. Keep snacks and drinks cold in the game room and beer conveniently close during poker nights, you will also appreciate its affordable price that will easily fit almost any budget.

The cooler features a durable construction that is perfect for outdoors and it includes convenient side handles for easy carrying, even when full. The retractable cord plugs into almost any 12V outlet, so you never have to worry about electricity, and the powerful motor will easily keep food and beverages fresh and cold.

You will love the convenient top opening lid that makes it easy to see exactly what you are reaching for, and it can also be place in the vertical position so you can use it as a refrigerator. The sturdy construction is designed to last, and the cooler won’t shut off if it is tilted or moved. Convenient and efficient, this thermoelectric cooler might be exactly what you are looking for.

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