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Top tents for camping in 2019


Out of the many fun activities that family members or friends can undergo, one seems to be quite delightful: camping out in the mountain or woods. People seem to love being in the middle of nature, catching the sight of a clear sky packed with stars or the way the sun shines in a couple of drops from morning’s dew. Once you manage to read some of the current best tents for camping reviews, you will be able to find the right model, capable of providing comfortable shelter during long nights or chilly mornings. With a great tent, you will be able to expand the fun and double the level of adventure.


Coleman 2000007831


Best tents for camping reviewsIf you want to have a high quality tent by your side as you camp out in the heart of the mountain, then Coleman 2000007831 model would be a great acquisition. This 6 person Instant tent can be set up without any problems within a minute, providing shelter to anyone standing inside. The innovative one-pied format implies that the poles are already pre-attached to the tent thus helping save significant time during the installation. You only have to unfold the tent, spread the fabric, gently extend the poles, click and lock and like magic, your tent will be ready to use.

“I like going camping in the midle of nature as often as I can and so that I am protected from the elements I have the Coleman 2000007831 tent. It is enough for me and my family and most of all it is waterproof so we stay nice and dry inside.” Gregg Stewart

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Coleman 2000001594 Montana


As most of the latest best tents for camping reviews underlined in great details, Coleman Montana 8 person and 1 room tent represents a great addition to any adventurous family. The device has an area of 16 x 7 feet footprint, 11 millimetre fiberglass poles and also a 74 inch center height which is more than enough for movement and comfort. This tent is ideal for families that love camping and trips, giving sufficient room for eight persons. The model has an innovative hinged door that makes going in and out of it easily, while the vented Cool-Air Port and subtle privacy vent window maintains a fluid airflow, thus keeping things fresh.

“I got this tent because it had a very large capacity of 8 persons which for me and my family was exactly what we needed. During hot days it has a great ventilation system and during rainy days the canopy makes the tent waterproof so everything inside is dry.” Jack Madsen

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Coleman 2000010387 Instant


Without the right camping tent, you won’t be able to experience the complete experience of going in the middle of nature. This is where Coleman 2000010387 camping tent can be used with confidence in order to have fun. This 4 person tent can be set up in a matter of minutes, made out of an innovative design, with poles pre-attached to the tent’s structure. You simply enfold the tent, spread the fabric, and extend the poles, click and lock. That is all that you have to do, and the tent is ready to use. All you need to do next is have fun.

“This tent from Coleman is excellent, I set it up in a jiffy, it is spacious inside and it is waterproof, so I have no problems when it is raining. Also I must point out that it comes at a very respectable price range which I just had to take advantage of.” Patrick Sharp

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Coleman WeatherMaster


As the majority of the latest best tents for camping reviews underlined in details, Coleman WeatherMaster model is a stunning two-room tent, where 6 campers can stay with ease due to 17 by 9 (W x D( footprint and the 6 feet 10 in center height. This tent comes with a floor-less screened room that delivers and swiftly maintains for prolonged duration additional ventilation on warm days. The tent can protect you from rain and profound rays of sun. Equipped with Proprietary WeatherTec System and a set of interworking characteristics that guarantee that you will be dry and comfortable, the tent will certainly become a great addition.

“I read a lot of good reviews about the Coleman Wheather Master and based on them I invested in it for when I go camping with my family and friends. Everyone felt nice and comfortable inside no matter the weather and I believe it is a very reliable tent.” Hank Davison

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass


If you to add a touch of comfort to all your outdoor activities, then Mountain Trails Grand Pass could do the trick. With enough space for 7 people to sleep effortlessly, this family tent is the ideal choice for large families. The tent has an impressive 18-foot-by-10-foot footprint and also a solid 76-inch center height. Within the tent people will be able to enjoy plenty of room in order to stretch out, store various things and stand. Easy to set up, due to the reliable fiberglass poles and the pin-and ring system. Furthermore, this model from Mountain Trails comes with large mesh roof vents, keeping the air flowing.

“I have this tent with me whenever I go into the wilderness and it hasn’t failed me yet, keeping me and other people inside dry and warm. Even the 1st time I set it up it was very easy to do and it didn’t take long at all.” Andrew Callagham

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