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Millions of people in the world play or watch with great interest tennis. This elegant and passionate sport requires great skill and endurance, creating a spectacle which soothes the eyes. Yet, for any child practitioner having the right tennis racket is the equivalent with games won and a progressive skill development. Getting reliable information from some of the current best tennis rackets reviews represents a solid step in discovering which model is more reliable. With a high quality and sturdy tennis racket your child will be more confident in its own actions on the field, intuitively sensing the ball’s trajectory better and hitting it with more precision.


Penn Head Speed


Best Tennis Rackets reviewsWhen it comes to tennis rackets one brand seems to stand out: Penn. The Penn Head junior Speed model incorporates a solid O-beam construction which enhances the lifespan and efficiency of the racket. The beam has 19 mm and a weight of 7.4 oz, making it perfect for children between 50” and 54” tall, improving the gaming skill. You should also know that the racquet comes already strung, which makes it easy for the user to take out for a spin on the field. Every game will become a lot easier, personalized to the person’s unique abilities and force.

“I simply love playing tennis in my spare time, so I hit the tennis court everytime I get the chance and also I signed my daughter up for tennis training. I bought this racket and my daughter feels very comfortable while playing with it, allowing her to make her best game.” Jack Morph

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Wilson Energy


The majority of the latest best tennis rackets reviews, written by satisfied buyers underline the solid construction of Wilson Energy tennis racket, a model that seems to be very popular among intermediate players. This tennis racket incorporates V-Matrix technology, combined with V-Lock Bridge that helps the user hit with more power during any game. The model also has a concave frame that manages to broaden the racket sweet spot, which fully increases the power during off-centered hits. You will be able to control better the hits and play better without any restrictions. Furthermore the racket comes with Power String that increases the power and stability.

“I had to have this racket from Wilson after I did a bit of research about it and asked some of my friends who already had it. The feeling of playing with it is great and I feel my game has improved after I started using it on a regular basis.” Luke Thorn

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If you are looking for a light weight and tight feel tennis racket then HEAD TiS6 model will certainly extended you’re playing capabilities. Carefully balanced, with a stunning feel, the racket becomes in a way part of your hand thus giving you the much needed time to prepare for the next hit. The racket’s head size is of 115 square inches and is 1” head heavy while the beam is around 28.5 mm. You should also know that the racket’s string is of 16 x 19 while the length is of 27 3.4”. This is the tennis racket you need to play better against any adversary and more importantly control your instincts.

“A racket which I recommend to other amateur tennis players is this one. I have used it for more than one year and it has performed a lot more than satisfactory so far, managing to help me win many games which I play againsed my friends. Winning is always a great feeling!” Walter Livingstone

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Wilson Roger Federer Junior


A growing number of the latest best tennis rackets reviews, written to offer a clear insight on the advantages of using various models and not others, underline the great acquisition of Wilson Roger Federer Junior. This tennis racket is ideal for junior players that want to enhance their playing skills and force during various hits. The model has a stunning graphic which makes playing a delightful experience. You should also know that Roger Federer Junior racket from Wilson, was specially designed to offer more power and stability during each game. So, it’s time to let your little one go onto the field with the confidence needed to win.

“When a racket bears the name of such a great champion as Roger Federer, it means it is of top quality. I signed up my son for tennis practice and got this particular racket so that he has the best material in order to up his game. Who knows, he might even go pro!” John Wilde

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Prince Pink Lite 23


It’s important to have in your hand a high quality tennis racket in order to play well and without having to worry about mishaps. One of the best tennis rackets currently available on the market is Prince Pink Lite 23, a model which can enhance the playing skills irrespective of the terrain. The rackets measures around 23 inches which is the ideal length for skilled players. This model incorporates Fusion Lite Ti I-Beam composition and also Technigrip that enhances the user’s grip over the racket during any game. Furthermore the tennis racket comes with three stability, creating better control.

“My son has been playing with this racket for some time now and he told me he feels very comfortable while playing with it. The coach says he is improving day by day so it means he has some quality gear which helps him progress slowly but surely.” Matthew Parcell

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