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Aside from astronomers, more people are also interested in studying the stars, sky or any other heavenly bodies.To keenly observe anything around, the use of technical equipment such as telescope is essential. The analysis of the best telescopes reviews is necessary in order to purchase the one which can achieve the best result and findings in your study.



Celestron Powerseeker 50


Best Telescopes reviewsProfessional astronomers really admire the functionality provided by the Celestron refractor model. With the use of such device, you can clearly see every object above which cannot be seen by the normal eyes. The 5 x 24 Finderscope, F-number 12, 600mm focal length and 50mm aperture of the optical refractor added more functions to the device making it the main model of many best telescopes reviews. The Celestron Powerseeker 50 refractor model is really powerful in viewing objects out in the universe.

“I like watching the night sky so a telescope for me was a good idea, to see the planets and stars more closely. This Celestron model is for me the perfect telescope for amateur astronomers, being extremely  powerful and at the same time having a very good price as well.” William Kent


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Meade 20218 NG-70SM Altazimuth


Aside from viewing objects in the sky, the Meade 20218 NG-70SM models are also capable of observing land objects like animals and creatures. The product is now available in the market and can be purchased in just affordable price. The telescope has the slow motion controls which helps to view clearly and precisely every object that attracts you. Detailed objects can be seen and track in the sky with the use of the red dot projection viewfinder.

“I made this telescope a gift for my son who is becoming quite the astronomer. Since I bought it, he can’t get enough of it, making me a very satisfied mother. He knows his telescopes and he tells me this is the best gift I could have got him.” Sarah Hunter


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Barska 40070 Starwatcher


The Barska 40070 Starwatcher is one of the best used telescopes by intermediate astronomers in the U.S. The product is equipped with Deepsky Astronomy software which enables the user to see planets, stars, nebulae and other 10.000 objects around the universe. You can ensure to see with your naked eyes brighter images of objects because of coated glass optics exhibited by the device. The product has also 3 x Barlow lenses that advance the ability to view the objects in a distant.

“Getting the right telescope for me took some time, but after consulting many reviews I choose the Barska 40070 Starwatcher. My choice turns out to be the best one possible enabling me to have a clear view of the night sky and all its wonders.” Trevor Donolly


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Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ


Whenever you have plans to go on hiking or camping, you can confidently bring the Celestron 21036 models. The product is just handy and has light weight. For that reason, it can be brought anywhere else without encountering any difficulties. The telescope can be 35x magnified that provides 5 times better resolution compared to other binoculars. When you buy the whole Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ model package, you can have the 5 power cross hair finder scope, 3x Barlow lens, various types of eyepieces and customizable tripod.

“While having excellent performances this telescope is extremely light at the same time, perfect for carrying it around with me. I didn`t pay too much for it which is a plus for everyone. I recommend this for all the astronomy enthusiasts out there.” Peter Wallace


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Tasco 49TN


More and more people love the Tasco 49TN refractor telescope & microscope because of its high definition resolution. This can be used by amateur viewers in their observation of various objects and sky creations. The 900x microscope and 50 x 50mm table telescope allows the viewer to see clearly and vividly every detail of the object. Sample slides, varieties of examination slides and other preparation gears are all included in the 19-piece microscope kit of this refractor telescope & microscope.

“ I was looking for a good telescope for kids and I couldn`t have given my daugher a better gift than this set. Now she has a chance to watch the night sky and see the stars up close and at the same time she can use the microscope and check out the microscopical world. A great educational package!” John Holms


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