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Top Teeter Totters in 2019


Every parent wants the ideal background playground for their kids to be clean and safe. Achieving this would mean inspecting every piece of play set that is placed in their playing area. One of the most exciting and safest outdoor playing tools for kids is the teeter totter. It is like a miniature seesaw which has been improved to be safer and more ideal for smaller kids. Aside from providing entertainment, it also exercises interactivity between kids as it is usually played by two or more children. Teeter totters come in different shapes and sizes. There are teeter totter whales, dogs, cars, dinosaurs, and many other designs. A teeter totter has to be stable and durable for kids to be safe while playing on it. There are excellent products enumerated in the best teeter totter reviews online. Our team has helped compiling some of the most discussed products to make the search easier for all interested parents out there.


Lifetime Ace Flyer


Best Teeter Totter ReviewsThe Lifetime Ace Flyer Teeter-totter is designed for a more interactive playtime among children. It can accommodate up to 7 kids, which means the more number of playmates the more exciting it is for them to play. The teeter totter has a colorful scheme, giving it a more vibrant look. It is basically made of steel and HDPE plastic. The Ace Flyer teeter totter may look more rigid and solid than other teeter totter models but it was designed while putting the kids’ safety into consideration. Despite its expensive price, a lot of customers consider it to be the best teeter totter in 2019.

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Gym Dandy Spinning


The Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter totter costs half as much as the Ace Flyer but it is also as popular in the best teeter totter reviews sites because of its unique design and impressive quality. It has a rigid metal frame that gives it great stability. The padded seats have back support for extra safety. Kids can also hang on to the handles for balance. Unlike a regular see saw, the Gym Dandy spinning teeter totter has coaster wheels that allow it to spin freely. It is also easy to move from one place to another.

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Little Tikes Classic Whale


While the other teeter totters are designed for bigger kids, the Little Tikes classic Whale teeter totter is more ideal for smaller children. It is not as elevated as the other items, which means it is safer for them to play with. It is wide enough to accommodate three kids at a time. The base is super stable and it provides a smooth rocking ride. The seats are very comfortable and there are available handles which are very easy to grip providing more balance and safety. It is most discussed in the top teeter totter reviews because of its incredibly affordable price.

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Step2 Play Up


Another teeter totter designed for smaller kids is the Step2 Play Up teeter totter. There are two contoured seats on each side with handle bars for balance and added safety. It is made of durable plastic designed for a more stable and smoother rocking ride. The teeter totter is constructed with safety considerations making it an ideal play set for 2 year old kids. Aside from its safe and durable construction, it also comes at a very affordable price.

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Gym Dandy


The Gym Dandy teeter totter is like a non0wheel version of the Spinning teeter totter from Gym Dandy. It has the same material construction and color scheme as the Spinning teeter totter but it comes at a more affordable price. The seats are very comfortable, though it lacks the back support that is present in the other product. The handles resemble that of a bicycle. This is the best teeter totter in 2019 for kids aging from 3 to 13.

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