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Top Sweep Sets in 2019


Bagging any of the products in the best sweep set reviews equips you with the right pair of tools to get your cleaning chores done faster. Since the set already comes with a dustpan, you don’t need to be lugging around two different tools in each hand. This is great for multitasking.


Libman Lobby Broom & Dust Pan


The Libman Lobby Broom & Dust Pan is an innovative combination of the No. 915 and No. 916 joined together with a plastic clip that locks the broom in place. This ensures that where the broom goes, the dust pan is there to enable easy pick up of dirt and debris. The broom locks conveniently into the dustpan so you won’t have too much clutter when storing the components. The pan moves freely so you won’t get hampered while cleaning. This easy-to-use combination offers a great solution acknowledged in the best sweep set reviews.

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Casabella Quick ‘N Easy Upright


The Casabella Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set is heavily favored to be the best sweep set 2019 as it makes easy cleaning without forcing you to bend, thanks to the long-handled dust pan. Say goodbye to back pain due to stooping too low just to sweep away dirt and debris off the floor and into the pan. The broom snaps into place to enable easy storage in the broom closet. The broom head detaches from the pole to give you a whisk broom for small cleaning projects and dusting.

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Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dust Pan and Lobby Broom Combo


This revolutionary Dust Pan and Lobby Broom Combo from Carlisle shows that necessity truly is the mother of invention and a simple combination of elements can become the best sweep set 2019. The dustpan and broom are made of black plastic, ensuring easy pick up of dirt and debris off the floor. The plastic broom also makes it easy to sweep away broken glass and other large debris. The Y-clip joins the two components together conveniently. The pivoting bucket locks open for easy disposal of contents without touching the pan.

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OXO Good Grips Upright


The dustpan on the OXO Good Grips Upright Sweep Set stands upright so you won’t have to bend over just to sweep debris and dirt off the floor. This makes sweeping comfortable and less tedious. The dustpan locks into an open position to enable easy emptying of its contents without touching the pan. Made for upright storage, the Upright Sweep Set comes with a broom that snaps conveniently into the dustpan, enabling fuss-free storage. The built-in teeth on the dust pan comb out dust and dirt from the bristles of the broom, ensuring thorough cleaning.

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Superior Performance 195 Broom & Dust Pan Set


The long handle of the dust pan guarantees that you won’t have to bend or squat to collect dirt from the floor. Made of durable, quality plastic, the components capably sweep away dirt from any area without scattering collected debris. The dustpan closes automatically when carried, ensuring that dirt does not get out. The pan locks into place when placed flat on the floor to enable easy collection. The broom head has a swivel feature to allow wide-swath sweeping. The rubber edge strip on the dustpan ensures that it adheres to the floor surface to prevent dust from escaping.

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