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Top sunglasses for men in 2019


Fashion is very important in every part of the world, especially within male communities that regard accessories with more attention than ever. One of the most used fashion accessory, held at high esteem by men, is the sunglass pair. Coming in different shapes and sizes, sunglasses can add mystery, sexiness or style, if the proper model is selected. Reading the best sunglasses for men reviews can shed some light during the selection process, helping people choose with more attention the right model. With the right sunglasses you will be able to feel more confident, sexy and protected from the sun’s rays.


Framework Wayfarer

Best Sunglasses for Men reviewsThousands of men are now using Framework Wayfarer, a model which seems to delight the user and impress. With a superb design, this pair of sunglasses comes with a full warranty policy and a reliable microfiber pouch, in order to protect the pair. The model has a vintage inspired frame support, which bring to light former styles of men fashion that never go away. Furthermore Wayfarer sunglasses features a smooth Matte finish and also reinforced metal hinges, while the reflective color polycarbonate lenses keep the sun’s rays at bay. Take them out for a spin and see the difference with them on and without them.

“Having the right kind of sunglasses on can really boost my confidence. My favorite pair is the Framework Wayfarer which manages to have style, a very comfortable frame support and excellent lenses to not allow the suns rays to hurt my eyes.”  Will Markle

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MLC Retro Vintage


With a bit of information, usually coming from the latest best sunglasses for men reviews you will discover more things about MLC Retro Vintage, a model very popular in California now. Equipped with Wayfarer dark lenses and meeting the current ANZI Z80.3 high UV protection regulations and standards, this pair of sunglasses will certainly help you to add a touch of style in your life. Furthermore the model managed to pass the FDA inspection, regarding impact resistance and guaranteed to absorb with precision 99% of harmful UVA and UB rays, thus protecting your eyes whenever you go out.

“These are my favorite sunglasses out of all the pairs I have got, because they feel so special everytime I put them one. They have a great functional purpose because they are built out of quality materials and also they make me look very stylish at the same time.” Henry Barks

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Wayfarers Vintage Nerd


When you start looking for a great pair of sunglasses you will discover just how hard it is to select the right one. Still, some models stand out, through their high quality, durability and obviously their aspect. On this note, Wayfarers Vintage Nerd sunglasses for men represent a great addition to any person. Made with a plastic frame, precise mirrored lens and with an overall size of width x height of 5 1/2” x 1 7/8” which is suited to be used by anyone. Affordable and great looking, this pair will certainly bring back to life the 80s style, right on your general appearance.

“I love ‘80s fashion, so for sunglasses I had to have the Wayfarers Vintage Nerd model. They look simply stunning on me and they feel so right everytime I put them on. They are so cheap as well that I just had to get me more than 1 pair.” Matt Davies

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QLook Buddy


Today’s best sunglasses for men reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users and professional personal designers, underline the nice looking design of QLook Buddy model, which is very popular among the male community in the West Coast. The glasses carefully embody the bold and intense look of the classic Wayfarers style that simply never gets old and impresses. The model has a color frame, accompanied by silver temple accents that resemble the vintage clear lenses from 1980s. Most of the present celebrities use these vintage style sunglasses in order to get around town and parties.

“These sunglasses should be in anyones collection and they certainly have a center spot in mine. These ’80 style glasses are the new trend now and I always want to be in touch with the new style of fashion all the time.” Eddy Smith

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Framework Reflective


If you are searching for a reliable and high quality pair of sunglasses that combines durability with visual elegance then you need to consider taking a closer look on Framework Reflective pair. With a traditional outlook, seen with ease on the frame design and reflective color mirror lenses, the pair will improve the way you look while adding a mystery aura around you. The sunglasses come with metal hinges and measure around 43 mm in height, 52 mm in width and 18 mm in bridge. These are the sunglasses you want around whenever you go out, given the stunning design and unique vintage vibe.

“I recommend these sunglasses because they have a very unique style and at the same time have excellent protection features againsed the bright sun. I didn’t invest that much in them so they should be an ideal pair to buy.” Rick Howard

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