Best String Trimmer Reviews

If you’re here just  to find the best string trimmers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best string trimmers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the BLACK+DECKER LST136W appears to be on top of all the competition. You will surely appreciate the PowerDRive transmission system that directs extra power to the cutting string, so you can work faster and easier. The model comes with a lithium battery that ensures long runtime for the unit. The model is great for all kinds of projects, since it is versatile and it allows you to choose between using maximum power or take advantage of maximum runtime. Another great feature of this model that is worthy of being mentioned is the automatic feed spool that eliminates all the bumps from your work routine. If the BLACK+DECKER LST136W is out of stock, you could also consider the Toro 51487 as the second best option.



How to Select the Best String Trimmer


String trimmers are great for landscaping your lawn just as you want to, but with so many models readily available on the market, the choice is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. There are many choices to make and you will really have to do some serious comparisons between different models in order to get the one you need. We want to help you out by offering you all the basic information regarding what aspects to keep in mind when you are searching for a good and reliable string trimmer.


Electric or gas powered?

First things first, you will need to decide what type of string trimmer you want based on what kind of fuel it needs to operate. Electric models are very convenient and they are also easy to maintain. As they do not work with gas, they are cleaner, they are not as noisy and they have a reduced impact on the environment. Here you can choose between models with cord and cordless units. In case you opt for a corded model, you will take advantage of not having to recharge the batteries. Such units are lighter than those with batteries for the simple fact that they do not need to haul around the batteries, along with their own weight. However, cordless models are handier because they offer superior mobility. Some come with batteries that can be recharged in about 30 minutes. The battery runtime is essential when picking a cordless model, so keep this in mind.

The other type of string trimmers available is represented by gas models. In case you need this type of tool for a large garden or yard, it is more advisable to go for a gas powered model than an electric one. More power is developed by these units, and they are more reliable for covering larger areas. Keep in mind that you must only supply them with the right type of fuel, since too much ethanol can hurt the engine. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations, to avoid any mishaps. The main advantages of gas string trimmers are high mobility and long runtime.


ProductCutting width (inches)Power sourcePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Black & Decker LST136W
Poulan Pro PP125
Toro 51480
14Corded electric$$CAmazon



Are walk behind string trimmers better than the rest?

If you are looking for the various designs available, you will notice that there are walk behind string trimmers readily available for sale. These can be gas powered or electric walk behind string trimmer models. The main advantage they provide is that they can reach areas that are more difficult to tackle with a full size unit, or a handheld model. They come equipped with wheels, so you can maneuver them around the yard with great ease. Many people love the great convenience walk behind trimmers offer and because of their versatility, they even recommend them as the best performers.

2.Toro 51487

The size or the area that needs trimming

An equally important aspect you must consider when picking a string trimmer is the size of your yard. The first thing that comes to mind is that the larger the area you need to landscape and maintain, the more power you will need. Nothing truer, but a little bit of extra information on the matter does not hurt. For instance, if you go for a powerful model, you may also want to have some additional features at hand. Light duty models are best for trimming grass and getting rid of weeds; they will be your best option if your yard measures less than an acre. A medium range model is good for dealing with thicker grass and more stubborn weeds. Some models come with various attachments you can use for different tasks. You can use these for larger yards, of up to 2 acres. Lastly, heavy duty models are the best for dealing with the hardest to cut grass and weeds. Also, because they are very powerful, they can be used for larger areas and they come with the largest number of attachments, so you can get involved in any landscaping project you want. A good thing about these units is that they can be used for trimming smaller yards, too, although maybe the high investment may not be justified.


Now that you know what aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for this type of landscaping tool, we want to show you the best string trimmers currently available, as they are showcased below.



Top String Trimmers in 2019


While reading all the best string trimmer reviews, we found three models that consistently rank higher than the rest. With their impressive adaptability, power and control, each of these string trimmers are the best on their class, making them ideal for anyone that wants to get the best out of their money.



Black & Decker LST136W


Bringing the best at the table, this stream trimmer is among the top rated string trimmers 2019. With its powerful electric engine, smart transmission and superb lithium battery, the Black & Decker Max Lithium is an instant hit among all string trimmer users.

Using its patented PowerDrive transmission system, this string trimmer is capable of using the optimal transmission ratio in order to deliver the maximum cutting power to the blade. Together with its efficient lithium battery, the PowerDrive system keeps your trimmer on the job longer than any other electric trimmer you will find.

With variable power dials, this electric powered string trimmer will always deliver the right amount of power without wasting battery life. Its simple to use PowerCommand control panel allows you to select the desired blade speed that suits your current task. Choose anything from the slower 6500 RPM to the faster 8500 RPM and you will make sure to cut with ease any kind of shrub or dense grass while saving your battery life when dealing with soft grass.

Praised by most of the best string trimmer reviews and loved by all customers, this string trimmer is a perfect choice. Efficient, powerful and ecological, the Black & Decker Max Lithium is a must have weed trimmer this summer.


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Poulan Pro PP125


When power, versatility and endurance are what you seek, then the Poulan Pro Gas is what you need. Capable of covering a huge variety of tasks using additional attachments, this string trimmer is as versatile as you will ever get. Easy to transform into a leaf blower, a pole pruner or a cultivator, this is the ideal gardening tool for you and your family.

Using its powerful 25cc gas engine, the Poulan Pro Gas is one of the most powerful trimmers available today. Simple to use and operate, using a smart Sure Fire start system, this gas trimmer is one of the most durable and reliable string trimmers that we have reviewed.

With over six available functions, this string trimmer takes the title of the best string trimmer 2019 for its utility and versatility. While trimming is its main function, the Poulan Pro Gas can easily be converted using any attachments available on the market.

Easy to operate, durable, powerful and versatile, the Poulan Pro Gas is a great choice. Delivering an impressive amount of power, gas operated yet environmental conscious, this string trimmer can cut and trim with ease anything you will ever find in your yard.


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Toro 51480 Electric


The Toro Electric Trimmer is one of the most efficient and cost effective string trimmers you can find on the market today. With an extra wide 14 inch cutting line, a powerful 5 amp electric engine and an excellent auto-feed line, this string trimmer will cut through all your grass and weed in a blink. Simple, effective and durable, this string trimmer is named by many as one of the best string trimmer 2019.

Keeping your weed away and trimming all your yard to the desired size is what this string trimmer does best. Without the need of any additional fancy attachments or modifications, the Toro Electric Trimmer does just one thing, but it does it perfectly.

Using a simple to use telescopic shaft, this string trimmer will keep the cutting head at the desired distance without putting any extra strain on your back and legs. This trimmer will easily adjust to you, regardless of your height and body frame.

When clearing weeds and trimming grass is all you need, the best choice is to use the most effective and the faster tool from the shed. Easy to convert to an edger and back, the Toro Electric Trimmer does it all with ease. Clearing the yard will never be faster or easier!


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Toro 51487


1.Toro 51487One of the top rated models you can now find on the market is the Toro 51487. This is more than a simple trimmer, since it can also be used as a trimmer so you can get small tasks done with great ease and without the need to change tools. You will enjoy plenty of runtime, since a power saving mode is available. You can use this trimmer for many tasks in the garden, as you can extend the shaft and reach areas that would be difficult to touch otherwise. The wall mount hook offers convenience for storing the trimmer when not in use.



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2.DEWALT DCST990BThe DEWALT DCST990B comes equipped with a brushless motor that ensures durability. Runtime is reliable and the gear drive design is another guarantee for the sturdiness this model is already known for. Depending on how much speed you want to use, you can control the machine with the variable trigger installed on it. This can serve well when you want to make less noise while seeing about your garden chores. Because of its great features, this model is thought to be the best electric cordless string trimmer by most of its buyers. You will have to purchase the battery separately.


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GreenWorks 21332 G-MAX


3.GreenWorks 21332When using this string trimmer, you will not have to worry about all the hassle accompanying the use of such garden equipment, when gas is used as fuel. The cordless design makes the GreenWorks 21332 G-MAX a great choice for your garden and for you. Because it is lightweight, this model will not strain your hands, and you will be able to start it with the simple push of a button. A pivoting head increases the performance of this model, as it makes trimming and edging easy as a breeze. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase the battery separately.



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