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In a rush? Don’t have the time to read detailed info about the best stepmill out there? We have you covered. This short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best stepmills on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, and the sales figures of hundred of alternatives. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the StairMaster SM3 is the best as it’s smaller and more compact when compared to some of its competitors but does the job just as well as other high-end options. Besides, the model can be customized depending on the number of steps you feel most comfortable, and as such, you can choose from 26 to 162 steps per minute. Additionally, the machine comes with a large LCD display that can allow you to have a glance at how you’re doing in terms of performance. It’s also worth noting that it can help you keep track of your heart rate. If the StairMaster SM3 is unavailable, you could also consider the second best choice, the StairMaster Gauntlet D-1.



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Buying guide


Stepmills aren’t the cheapest pieces of equipment you might be interested in buying, which is why it is so important to make an informed decision. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a helping hand as we’ve compiled all the tips and tricks you may need to learn in a concise buyer’s guide. If you’d like to spend your money on something worth the while, all you have to do is keep on reading.

StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber


Before starting to prospect the market, it might be a good idea to realize what you are trying to achieve in a matter of six months to a year by using the product. Most people buy a stepmill in the hopes of losing weight or getting back in shape. If you were to have more spare time available, you’d probably go to a gym given that many of these machines aren’t particularly affordable. As such, we recommend performing some changes on your lifestyle and understanding if the product per se can contribute to completing your fitness goals. There are plenty of stepmill workout benefits but you need to realize that it won’t help you tone all the muscles in your body. It is only with the aid of a healthy meal plan and a stepmill workout routine that you can be successful.



Ease of use and assembly

Considering that there are so many models available out there, there is no universal rule when it comes to establishing whether or not one is easier to use than the next. Subsequently, we recommend you to take the time and read some of the customer reviews to understand if you’ll be able to utilize the machine efficiently and with as little technical difficulties as possible. Since not all buyers are tech-savvy, you might have to find out if you can put the stepmill together all by yourself or you need the help of a profession. Do take into account the fact that these products are often times cumbersome and large and as such, they can’t be assembled in a studio nearby unless you pay extra for transportation.




Most of the stepmills that offer a great workout for beginners and well-seasoned sports practitioners and exercise aficionados come with an LCD display that can tell you a myriad of details regarding your routine and whether or not you’re doing a good job. In most cases, using a stepmill will be better than running with an intelligent bracelet or pedometer as it will tell you the number of steps you’ve climbed, the calories you’ve burned, the time you’ve spent exercising, and sometimes even your heart rate. Several sophisticated high-end alternatives can even configure a stepmill workout for weight loss depending on your number of pounds and preferences. Therefore, you may need to consider the number of exercise programs featured by the model you want to purchase. The more, the merrier, they say, and that’s exactly how you’ll be if you have plenty of options to choose from.

StairMaster SM3 StepMill


Final considerations

Since you’re likely to be spending thousands of dollars on this new type of machine, we urge you to make an informed call and choose as wisely as possible. What does this mean? In a nutshell, all you have to do is select a product that’s manufactured by a well-known brand, which can back the product up with a warranty of at least a decade. Some companies are so huge that they don’t have any problem with protecting their products for as many as twenty years. In other words, what you will be doing is protecting your own investment.


Some of the best stepmills are showcased below. These are all critically acclaimed units that are available for sale at various local stores and online, whether you choose Amazon or other internet retailers for your purchase. From what we’ve gathered, these products don’t disappoint their users and always raise up to par when it comes to offering unparalleled performance. Some care more reasonably priced than others and you should choose one according to your budget.



Top Stepmills in 2019


As more and more people are becoming conscious about physical fitness and are becoming eager to lead a healthy lifestyle, they are also being creative with the way to live by it. In fact, a lot of machines have been developed to make working out more convenient, fun and effective. Stepmill is one of these workout machines. It is not a standard machine to every fitness gym but a lot of people find it really beneficial. For those who are interested in buying stepmill units, there are highly recommended brands and models in the best stepmill reviews online. Our team made a list to make the search easier for the buyers.



StairMaster SM916


Best Stepmill Reviews


All 5-star ratings were given to the Stairmaster SM916 stepmill even though it is only new on the market. This machine is 6 feet tall and it needs a lot of space for installation, which makes it non-ideal for home gyms. The control panel is well designed, with a lot of different customizable programs that people find really convenient. The readings are accurate and display the relevant data for working out. It has a very stable and solid construction, making it the best stepmill in 2019.



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StairMaster Gauntlet D-1


1.StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber

The Gauntlet is a professional stair climber that can be used as comfortably as possible by any user, regardless of his or her physical attributes. The model seems to have been designed to allow individuals to tend to their workout routine without modifying their posture in a negative manner. Besides, the model features an LCD console that displays information regarding your heart rate, as long as you hold your hands on the front bar. Since it is a tad less affordable compared to other products in the line, the Gauntlet might be a good choice for gyms and small studios where people with heart conditions and other afflictions go to work out.



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StairMaster 7000 PT



Another product from Stairmaster is the 7000 PT Stepmill that offers just about the same features and properties that can be found in the previous model from the same manufacturer. This one is a more advanced version of the original model from StairMaster. It provides a more natural climbing experience. The steps are about 8-inch high each. The better part about this stepmill is that it has a more modern console and some added features that are not available in other versions.



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StairMaster SM3



This Stepmill may not be the best stepmill in 2019 but it has the signature features of the Stairmaster stepmill units. This is smaller than the standard stepmill models but it is tougher, and the more compact structure makes it more durable. It allows a person to cover about 26 to 162 steps in a minute. There are 10 available programs, which includes calorie burner, fat burner, and a few others. The display is very easy to read and it provides accurate information.



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StairMaster SM5



The StairMaster SM5 stepmill is not as popular in the top stepmill reviews as the other three but it sure has the necessary features that make it an effective workout machine. The touch screen console is designed for a more convenient workout experience. It provides a natural simulation of climbing the stair without causing tension and stress to the knees and feet. One issue that is reported in the top stemill reviews though is that it may be too expensive for its quality.



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StairMaster SM5



This one is an updated version of the StairMaster SM5 stepmill. It is basically the same as the previous model apart from the 2 Window LCD consoles that makes working out more convenient. One window displays workout information while the other displays the workout programs and the features of the stepmill. It also offers the natural stair climbing simulation. It allows listening to music during exercise. It is also possible to read a book while climbing up and down the stairs.



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