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Top Step Stools in 2019


Not everyone is gifted with the conventional height that makes reaching for certain things, like glasses in a cupboard, books in a shelf, or grocery items at the mall a lot easier. This is why there is a need for boosters that provide additional elevation. Step stools are helpful in various odd jobs at home, just like changing the bulb. There are step tools made for adults and for kids – for whenever they need a boost while brushing their teeth. The best step stool reviews talks discuss the most durable step stool models on the market. Here is what our team has gathered based on our evaluation of the consumers’ feedback.


Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame


Best Step Stool ReviewsThis folding 3-step steel frame stool Rubbermaid RM-3W is the best step stool in 2019 in the higher end of the market.  It is a really safe step stool designed with plastic steps laid out in a 27.25 inch standing height. There is a hand grip that provides support and strategically folds together with the entire staircase for a more compact structure ideal for storage and transport. Despite its lightweight construction, the frame is very solid and secure.

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Cosco 11-135CLGG1 Folding


The Cosco 11-135CLGG1 folding step stool is an inexpensive step tool model that has the most stable and sturdy frame. The ribbed steps have slip-resistant properties, not to mention its solid framemake it safe and secure. Its slim profile and added handle are very convenient for easy folding and carrying. The steps 14.5 inches wide and it spreads to a 42.5 inches standing height. The non-skid feet are also added for extra safety.

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The Babybjorn safe step stool is designed for baby’s first few steps to independence. This durable, PVC-free recyclable plastic step stool is the best step stool in 2019 for toddlers. The top surface has non-slip properties which is very safe for kids even with wet feet. The rubber bottom surface is also for added safety. Its light and sturdy construction makes it easy, even for kids, to carry from one room to another. To top it all, it looks great with its smooth and rounded features.

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Ikea Children’s Slip Resistant Step Stool


The Ikea Children’s Slip resistant step stool is the most inexpensive product on the market. As discussed in the best step stool reviews, it is the safest step stools for kids. It is made of anti-slip material in top surface and underside to eliminate the risk of slipping. It is slightly lower than the usual step stools. And its lightweight construction makes it really easy for kids to carry from one place to another. It is safe for them to use while washing hands and brushing teeth on the sink.

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Kikkerland Rhino Easy Fold


The Kikkerland Rhino Easy Fold Step Stool features a revolutionized design for step stools. It has been reinforced to be slimmer and stronger than the previous modes. It is solid and sturdy enough to be used for both kids and adults. The design is intended for strong support as well as easy fold and storage. It has an 8-1/2 inch standing height and it can support up to 300 pounds. Its unique and convenient design is well-discussed in the top step stool reviews online.

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