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A spincast reel is not only ideal for beginners, many professional anglers also prefer its durable and functional design. It is easy to cast, generally affordable, and can also be used as a teaching aid. While there are several advantages to using a spincast reel, you also want to make sure it is the right one for you. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to confidently choose the best spincast reel for whatever type of fish you are trying to catch.

A.Spincast reel with braided line

What to look for when buying a spincast reel with a braided line?



One of the first aspects to consider is the construction of the reel, and you want to ensure that it is durable. Aluminum spincast reels are often considered long lasting, especially its ability to resist rust and corrosion. The stronger construction also makes it an ideal spincast reel for catfish. Graphite reels are lightweight, and help to prevent any wrist pain that can occur when you are constantly casting. These reels are also resistant to rust, which is important if you plan on fishing in salty water.


Ball Bearings

The number of ball bearings in the reel will affect its performance, along with the price. While your budget will play a large role in determining the number of ball bearings, you also don’t want a reel that cannot perform according to your standards. Spincast reels with a higher number of ball bearings are capable of smoother drag actions, which is important when you are trying to bring in your catch. Some fishing pros recommend foregoing the extra features and concentrating the majority of your budget on a reel with a higher number of ball bearings.


Additional Features

Along with choosing a spincast reel with a high number of ball bearings, there are some other features that can make it easier to catch a fish. Spincast reels with a front drag might be priced higher, but the added strength for bigger fish is often worth paying less for one with a back drag system. You might also want to consider a spincast reel that uses brass for its internal parts, which is resistant to the rust and corrosion that can ruin many other models. While you budget will ultimately affect the type of spincast reel you choose, it is possible to get a high quality model without spending more than you can comfortably afford.


Best Spincast Reel with Braided Line in 2019


Zebco Bow Fishing Spincast Reel


1.Zebco Bow Fishing Spincast ReelBenefits

You will love how easy this spincast reel is to operate, along with its affordable price.

Designed to give you plenty of strength and power, you can easily bring in big and small fish.

It features a durable construction that is designed to last through years of memorable fishing trips.

All of the features you need are included on this durable reel that is still priced to fit almost any angler’s budget.



Some consumers have mentioned that this reel is heavier than other models, but this is generally only a matter of preference and not a product complaint.


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Benefits Explained

  • Not only is the closed reel affordably priced, it is also incredibly easy to operate. You have the advantage of only needing to use one hand to reel your catch in, and it also features a convenient ambidextrous design. Perfect for left and right handed angles, this spincast reel also makes an excellent teaching tool for children and beginners. Simply press the release button once, and the reel will take care of the rest.

1.Zebco Bow Fishing Spincast Reel

  • With the included 80 pound braided line you can easily reel in catfish, along with plenty of smaller fish. The metal gears are designed to give you plenty of power to bring in large fish, and the ball bearings ensure that you can smoothly reel your catch in. The Dacron line is already spooled so you are ready to get started, and with the ability to adjust the drag there is no limit to what you can catch.


  • This spincast reel features a closed faced design that is easy to operate, along with a durable construction. The metal gears are resistant to rust and corrosion in fresh and salt water, and the 80 pound line is difficult to break. You also have the advantage of the ceramic pins which will alert you anytime the line is picked up. Designed to withstand years of bow fishing, it also features a heavier weight.


  • You will love how affordable this spincast reel is, along with the fact that you do not need to sacrifice on quality or performance. It features a durable construction that is resistant to everyday wear and tear, along with plenty of functions for all types of fishing. The drag can be adjusted depending on the type of fish you are angling for, and with two ceramic pins you know immediately when something has nibbled at your bait. The closed face reel also features anti reverse action which is always helpful when chasing a big fish, and with the ability to stop the line multiple times you are almost always in control of your catch.


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