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It is always hard to make room for new clothes and it is even harder to keep your wardrobe organized when space is an issue. Moving can also be complicated especially if you have a large family which implies having not only a lot of clothes but also pillows, bed sheets and other similar items. In order to solve that issue you could try using Ziploc bags. Choosing the perfect set will be difficult because of the countless number of options available. We’ve sorter through dozens of pages filled with user feedback and we’ve also analyzed the best space bags reviews currently available both on and offline.


Top rated space bags in 2019


Read our reviews of the most appreciated space saver bags currently available. With this information you should be able to find just the right model for your needs.



Ziploc Space Bag Space Saver Set


If you are looking to save a lot of space storage wise or if you are looking to be able to take all your favorite clothes on vacation without carrying three or four extra bags, we recommend the Ziploc Space Bag Space saver set. It incorporates the best space bags in 2019 which means you will get top end efficiency while paying less than $2 per bag. This 15 bag set features a new valve and a more durable design to hold even more clothes than previous similar products. The package contains 4 different types of bags each destined for different situations.

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Ziploc Space Bag 12 Vacuum Seal Bags Super Value Pack


This 12 bag pack is according to the best space bag reviews, one of the items which offers excellent value for money. It is all about materials with these products. The stronger the material, the more space you will be able to save. Apparently, this set allows you to clear three times more space than you would with normal packs. It includes four different types of bags destined for closets, traveling and larger objects like pillows. Aside from being extra durable, these bags are also reusable so you can always find new sets of items to pack.

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Boli Space Bag 15 Pack Wholesale Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage Bags


The best space bags in 2019 should be very durable, easy to void and versatile enough so as to hold different items. This is exactly what this 15 bag set provides with the added benefit of a low price tag. Aside from being extremely well-built, these bags are also washable which means you will be able to store them almost anywhere because it will always be easy to clean them afterwards. Being capable of completely sealing the interior you will be able to store your pillows or winter clothes in any place without ruining them. As far as compatibility goes, the Boli Space Bags can be used with any standard canister vacuum cleaner.

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  5 Pack of Space Bags


If you don’t plan on traveling a lot or if you’ve figured a way of traveling light but still need to handle the clothing situation at home, we recommend the Johnson’s 5 space bag set. Destined for home use, it includes three differently sized bags destined to cover all of the most common storage needs. The XL bag is very generous managing to hold up to 4 pillows or 4 jackets. It is perfect for storing winter clothes which usually take up most of the space in your closet. What is even better about this set is that it seals in clothes perfectly so as not to allow any odor or dampness to set in.

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Space Bag BRS-5803-6 Dual-Use Vacuum-Seal


When on the market for the top rated vacuum bags in 2019, you should definitely take a look at this particular set. It comes with three separate bags built to be reused and vacuum-sealed. Each bag comes with a 1 way valve which means it will be sealed better than most other bags which use two valves. After securing the clothes inside the bags you will be able to store them anywhere you want. They will prevent odor, moisture and insects from reaching the content and they will do so for a really long time.

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