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How to Find the Best Soccer Cleats


Soccer players say there are two ways of figuring out if you’re good at the game or not. Either your boots do the game for you, or you’re so good that the cleats don’t matter. The issue is a little more complicated than that, because game performance is defined both by the actual way you play and by the right pair of soccer cleats.

One way of knowing if the model you intend on buying is the right one for you is to read the best soccer cleats reviews. We’ve put together a buying guide that can help you understand what makes the difference between the best soccer cleats of 2019 and a pair you can’t seem to break in.


The most important question you need to ask yourself is: “How do you play soccer?”. Cleats generally belong to 5 grand classes. Control cleats are specifically designed for the pass and control zone, whereas power cleats are recommended for frequent shooters. Speed cleats are evidently developed for the hardcore runner and hybrid ones combine enhanced speed with increased control.

As a general rule, the more lightweight your cleats are, the less durable they’ll be.


Foot shape

Getting one of the top rated soccer cleats in 2019 is also largely based on personal preferences. You might be used to buying a certain shoe size, but wearing the same one on the field might prove to be uncomfortable. It would be great to go to a soccer store and try some models on before finding an online deal. Comparing your shoes with the ones of your friends is also a great idea to realize what type of foot shape you have.


Ground and upper

Cleats come with various features. Outsoles vary according to the type you want to pick. These can be firm ground, soft ground, hard ground, turf and indoor. The last ones are designed for indoor soccer.

The upper can also be made of different materials, such as K-leather, natural or synthetic leather, synthetic and mesh. Instead of buying a hyped model, choose one that you can actually use and feel cozy in.



Cleats can cost anything from $10 to $150 and more.


Top Soccer Cleats in 2019


To make your buying process a breeze, we’ve compiled a list of the best soccer cleats in 2019. We’ve based our choice on the best soccer cleats reviews, which accurately reflect the opinions of actual players. Remember, time spent reading some additional info is never time wasted. It’s just the right way to make a choice.


adidas Performance Men’s Kaiser 5


Adidas is a world-known brand. The company has been manufacturing soccer cleats for many years and has gathered a decent amount of fans all over the world. This model is a good example of what a top-quality soccer cleat means. It’s made of leather and features a synthetic sole. Moreover, it’s one of the best fits for players out there. In fact, the model has been inspired by the popular copa mundial.

The pair is among the most lightweight out there, which is why it’s said to be the perfect choice both for shooters and for runners.

It is said that the shoes are great to use both on firm ground and on natural grass. With this model, anyone can turn soccer into an easy and fun experience.

The Adidas Performance Kaiser has received some of the best soccer cleats reviews out there. More than 80% of the people who have purchased the pair have stated that it’s a 5-star item.

Interestingly enough, although the cleats are remarkably lightweight, they’re also among the most durable ones on the market. Various customers have stated that the soft leather they come with turns them into the most comfortable alternatives of their line.

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Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV


This Nike model is a top choice for speedy players. It is made of synthetic and leather and comes with a fabric sole. The neat thing about the model is the fact that it’s perfect to use both on firm and artificial surfaces and on natural ones. Speed is an innate characteristic of these soccer cleats.

Since Nike is among the most well-known sportswear brands, the company makes a big deal out of manufacturing items that try to reach perfection. That’s why this particular model has been produced with the help of a special technology, which makes the shoe fit the foot like a glove the hand.

If you’re wondering about how comfortable the cleats are, we’ll put your mind at ease. Thanks to a contoured sockliner, players can benefit from enhanced cushioning and comfort.

How do buyers feel about their purchase? It’s really no wonder that this Nike model has also received some of the best soccer cleats reviews, considering the fact that it’s not only comfortable, but also affordable. Most of the people who bought the shoes were also quite impressed by the fact that they seemed to fit perfectly from the moment they tried them on.

These cleats are lightweight but sturdy at the same time.

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Puma Men’s Evospeed 4.2


The Puma model is also among the most affordable ones out there. If you don’t intend on spending your whole budget on some soccer cleats, this is the model to pick. Let’s not forget that Puma is also an withstanding name in sportswear and that it focuses its efforts on designing technically innovative models.

These shoes are mostly synthetic, but that doesn’t have to scare you one bit. They come with manmade sole and are for athletic players, who like to have their cake and eat it. The evoSpeed is so cutting-edge that it manages to speak to the needs of beginners and advanced.

The shoes were developed especially for firm and natural surfaces, so you might get the most of your gaming performance if you play outdoors.

If you want a lightweight pair of soccer cleats, this is the one to get. For fans of colorful shoes, this model also comes in various tones and designs.

Multiple buyers claim that this one is among the most comfortable models out there. Some customers recommend that you get a half bigger size, whereas others claim the ones they ordered were a perfect fit. When buying shoes, it’s all a matter of personal preferences.

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