Best Snow shoes Reviews


Top Snow shoes in 2019


From the name itself, snowshoes can be defined as the type of footwear used for walking over the snow. Unlike the regular shoes that people wear, snowshoes do not completely sink into the snow because it distributes the weight of a person over a larger area. There is a variety of snowshoes available on the market. From traditional to modern snowshoes, there are a lot of designs to choose from. For those who are looking to buy their first snowshoes, the best snow shoes reviews can give a hint on which models are ideal for a person. And for those who doesn’t have much time to read through the reviews, our team has made a list of some popular snowshoes product that received the best feedback online.


MSR Evo Ascent


Best Snow shoes ReviewsThe MSR Evo Ascent Snow shoes are mid-level shoes designed for better and more tolerable snow walking purposes. The traction is rugged enough to deliver lasting grip for more security. Aside from that, the Modular flotation tails provide better maneuverability for all kinds of snow conditions. These shoes are great for climbing steep snowy hills. It has a reasonable price for a pair of shoes that delivers balance, support, control, and quality.

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Redfeather Ladies Hike Control Bindings


All great compliments were given for these particular ladies shoes from Redfeather. The Hike Control Binding Snowshoe is considered as the best snow shoes in 2019 and is well-appreciated in customer reviews sites because of its narrow frame that works great for lighter girls. The Z-pattern nylon straps are excellent bindings that provide a secure fit. The crampons are made of stainless steel and are powder-coated, which is intended for preventing snow or ice build-up.

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MSR Lightning Ascent


A lot of people are talking about the MSR Lightning Ascent Snow shoes in the top snow shoes reviews because of its lightweight and maneuverable construction. The floating tail extensionsare lightweight but it delivers extra flotation when necessary. The shoes provide better traction, especially on very steep hills. The bindings can be adjusted for a more secure fit. However, it is way more expensive than the Evo Ascents and is also less durable.

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Chinook Trekker


The Chinook Trekker Snowshoe is an outstanding low-end shoe designed for a more comfortable and easy walks over thick snow. The frame is lightweight and strong, made from extremely durable stainless steel. The bindings can be adjusted to a tighter fit while allowing quick release when worn off. The heel crampons work excellent in providing better traction – a feature especially advantageous for heading down mildly steel slopes.

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Alps 21” Snowshoes – no longer available


Compared to the previous snowshoes models, the Alps Performance Lightweight snowshoes are the cheapest. According to a lot of customers, these shoes feel great to walk on snow while the metal grips make it really easy to walk on ice. Many have struggled in fitting on it for the first time but once the binders are properly adjusted it is a lot easier to put them on and take them off. Considering the very


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