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Snorkeling is a fun and exciting beach activity, especially in vacation sites where there is a very rich marine life. And since snorkeling is a lot less complicated than scuba diving, the equipment required for it is also simpler. Snorkeling masks are a major component of a snorkeling gear. For those who would like to get their own snorkeling set, our team has compiled a list of interesting masks that are mentioned in the best snorkeling mask reviews.


Comparison table:


ProductOther colorsSpecial featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set
YESNo-frame design$$$$
Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless Mask
YESTempered glass lenses$$$
U.S. Divers Adult Magellan Purge LX Mask/Tucson LX Snorkel
YESSilicone Squeeze buckles$$$$
Speedo Adult Recreation Dive Mask
YESAnti Fog Max Coating$$$
Speedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel Set
YESSpeed Fit headstrap system for quick adjustability$$



Top Snorkeling Masks in 2019


Read our reviews of the most popular models and decide for yourself which unit best suits your needs and budget.



Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Set



One of the best sellers on the market today is the Cressi Snorkel set. This is the ideal mask for free diving, snorkeling, as well as scuba diving. It has a very neat design, which is intended both for function and style. The frameless structure allows a wider field of view, and it also reduces the weight of the mask. The buckles have a swiveling mechanism, making it really easy to adjust. This is a highly recommended item mentioned in the best snorkeling mask reviews online.



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Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless



Another Cressi product features a design that is inspired by the best snorkeling mask in 2019. The Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless Mask is a diver’s favorite and a best seller on many internet retailers. The mask is made of high-grade Silicone material that is constructed to bond with a tempered glass to create the frameless structure. The flexible material construction of the mask allows it to fit nicely and comfortably. The glass is clear and the field of view is wide enough.



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U.S. Divers Adult Magellan Purge LX



For less than $40, you can get a hold of the US Divers Adult Magellan Purge LX Mask. This is the best snorkeling mask in 2019 for people with very sensitive facial skin. Because it has hypoallergenic properties, it fits rather comfortably and it does not cause any irritation. It is made of high-grade Silicone that is molded into a 2-window mask. Some of the added features of the mask are the purge valve, silicone buckles, and asafety whistle.



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Speedo Adult Recreation



Another top snorkeling mask in 2019 is the Speedo Adult Recreation Dive mask. It is designed by one of the most popular manufacturers of swimming gear and accessories, and the quality of the product is guaranteed to meet the buyer’s expectations. The Speedo Dive mask is almost flawless. It is made of silicone and the polycarbonate lens has anti fog max coating, which is not available for other brands. It sports the signature Speedo speed fit head strap which is very easy to adjust for a comfortable fit.



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Speedo Adult Recreation



Speedo is one of the trusted brands when it comes to swimming gear and apparel. The Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel set, for example, is one of its impressive designs. This snorkel mask is designed to be splash resistant. It has one of the clearest lenses for snorkel masks on the market. The lenses are made of polycarbonate with anti-fog coating. The speed fit head strap makes it really easy to adjust the mask, for the best fit.



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