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How To Purchase A Top Smart TV


With technology continuing to advance it can be difficult to decide when to buy a smart tv. You don’t want to waste your money on a model that could soon be obsolete, but you also don’t want to wait to upgrade to something better. According to the best smart tv reviews the current models are technically advanced and becoming more affordable, which makes it the perfect time to upgrade your entertainment device. While you know that you want a smart tv, it can be difficult to choose the best one. This is why we created this informative buying guide so you can find the best smart tv in 2019 to enjoy all your games and entertainment like never before.

Screen Size

According to the best smart tv reviews one of the most important aspects to consider is the size of the screen. Smart television sets are available in a range of sizes, designed to fit any space and budget. One tip to remember is that  larger television screens will be priced higher than the smaller models.

You also want to factor in the visual quality with the size of the screen. If you have poor visuals, the images will still look blurry on a larger viewing screen. The best smart tv reviews recommend choosing models with a high refresh rate, and backlight LED for a crisp and clear picture.



The style or design of the smart tv will depend on your budget and personal tastes, though it should be noted that the ultra slim models are generally priced higher than other smart TVs. Less expensive models tend to be slightly heavier, but can still feature a slim and sleek profile. There are also smart TVs that can be mounted on a wall. You may also be interested in the luxury models that feature award winning designs, and are viewed as works of art.


Additional Features

The best smart tv reviews also recommend considering models with additional features. These can not only be convenient, but also enhance your viewing experience. Some smart TVs feature voice activated commands, along with power saving motion sensors. Other models include faster and more powerful processors for streaming graphic rich games and movies. You might also want to consider the number of ports for plugging in your various internet devices.


Top Smart TVs in 2019


While it is difficult for us to choose a smart TV for you, we can give you excellent recommendations. These are three of the top rated smart tvs in 2019, and each one has its own unique advantages.


Samsung UN40H5203 LED


One of the reasons this is considered the best smart tv in 2019 is its fast refresh rate, and high resolution picture quality. You’ll love watching all of your favorite movies and shows on the 40 inch viewing screen, and seeing all of the images in brilliant color. The fast refresh speed and powerful processor ensures that all of your content is streamed smoothly without interruption, and since it is WiFi enabled you can enjoy a variety of entertainment options.

This smart TV is easy to set up, and you can take advantage of the Smart Hub. Here you can separate all of your entertainment options into two easy to navigate panels. Quickly find your favorite movie or game apps, along with your favorite browsing sites. With all of your apps and programs arranged in a clear viewing order, finding something entertaining to watch has never been so easy.

You can set this smart TV up to receive movie and program information and recommendations based on your viewing preferences, so you always know what is hot and trending. Enjoy seeing new movies and old favorites brought to life with stunning and brilliant color, along with plenty of inputs for your devices.

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This 40 inch LED smart TV is designed to take up a limited amount of space, while still giving you a great viewing experience. The TV is easy to set up, and you have the advantage of personalizing your viewing experience. Arrange channels, movies, games, and apps so you can easily find all of your favorites anytime you want, and enjoy having access to over 1,500 channels.

With the ability to instantly search for old and new favorites by title, director, or actor, this really is a “smart” TV. There are inputs for your gaming and mobile devices, and you can also control your TV from your tablet or Smartphone. Record programs when you are not at home, and send photos and movies directly to your TV, all from any compatible mobile device.

The fast refresh rate ensures smooth and consistent streaming, even with graphic rich games. You will also enjoy seeing all of your videos in high resolution 1080p color. Developed by one of the fastest growing companies in North America, it is easy to see why this smart TV is a consumer favorite.

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Sony KDL48W600B LED


Featuring a 48 inch LED screen, this smart TV is ready to deliver an incredible viewing experience. While its larger size does mean that you have to sacrifice some space, the amazing picture color and clarity are worth it. This smart TV uses Sony’s innovative color technology to deliver a picture that is brilliant, and true to life.

This smart TV is also easy to set up, and includes WiFi capabilities so you can immediately start streaming tons of entertaining content. Not only can you browse the web and watch all of your favorite channels in high definition color, but you also have access to Sony’s gigantic entertainment network. Choose from thousands of movies, programs, and games, along with connecting to other entertainment apps.

Since this smart TV is manufactured by Sony, it is also compatible with PS3 gaming. Bring all of the fun and colorful PlayStation games to your smart TV, and enjoy playing each one on the 48 inch HD screen. The fast refresh rate ensures smooth tear free streaming, and pictures that are never blurry. With the advantage of Sony technology, this smart TV will not become obsolete anytime soon.

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