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Top smart pens in 2019


Writing is best done with the use of a smart pen. The smart pen is a kind of writing equipment which produces quality and efficient write- ups.  In different circumstances, the use of the smart pen is very reasonable and realistic. In order to choose a model from the best smart pens reviews, you can be guided by this post.


Livescribe 4GB Sky WiFi smart pen


Best Smart Pens reviewsBy the use of the Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi model, you can have the ease to write and record anything in just a short time span without missing a single detail. This is best used for meetings and conferences in order to capture anything that was said. It has a solid fashionable style that can be used in any occasion and situations. The product  has a large memory of 4GB thus allowing the users to save any files like videos, records and applications which can be transferred and send through internet and e-mails.

“Was amazed the way this pen worked for me. Does some incredible things and can be used for various tasks. I was also pleased with the ordering method that Amazon provided me with. Well informed page, with some great reviews and customer testimonials. It is a great tool for anyone in search of its features.” Flora Maas

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Livescribe 4GB Pulse smart pen


Aside from the ability to write 64,000 pages of notes, this Livescribe Pulse Smartpen can also record as long as 400 hours of audio. You can effectively rewind the recorder sound by just pushing a specific button. You can have the ability to listen to the recorded sound with ease and comfort. Aside from storing the files in online sites, you can also share it with your friends and colleagues. The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is a very useful tool to record important information without any difficulties encountered.

“This is a true wonder of technology effort. It does improve studying and remote noting system. Can also record a large amount of audio media as well. It works best with any device such as tablets, smartphones or laptops. Mine does its job just fine without trouble ever since I got it.” John Ortiz

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Livescribe 2GB Pulse smart pen


Just by tapping on the notes, you can easily record whatever is said. This is how convenient to use the Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen. This is equipped with software that allows you to hear what is said. The 3-D recording headset that gives clear and precise sounds that let you write anything. Furthermore, the 100 sheet dot paper college-rule notebooks make every writing activity more interesting and interacting. This is considered to be the prime in many best smart pens reviews this year.

“This tool made my job a lot easier while writing tasks for my construction team. I can save them instantly on my computer or upload them on the Google Doc so that my superiors can supervise my work. It is quite expensive for a pen but does save me time and keeps my team up to date.” Sandra Watkins 

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Livescribe 1GB Pulse smart pen


Th is a professional and reliable kind of pen used by many U.S people. This product can record sounds and videos which are very useful to write exactly what is really meant. This allows the user to apprehend on anything that is said, write or drawn. The Livescribe 1 GB Pulse Smartpen provides a detailed recording thus allowing you to write precisely anything that is needed. The features include the 2 black fine point link cartridges, USB mobile charging cradle, 3-D recording headset and 1 GB of memory that store anything needed.

“Livescribe is the leader in this smart pen market field. They patented all their features and provide only good quality stuff. As an IT reviewer I strongly advice anyone to take a closer look at these products. They come with Livescribe warranty and I can assure that after testing a range of their series they all behaved well.” Clayton Gumn

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Livescribe 4GB Echo smart pen


Guaranteed to be one of the best smart pens this year, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is continually making a firm standing in the field. Compared to other smart pens, this can record up to 800 hours of audio and write thousands of notes. You can easily transfer any recorded files in the smart pen to your computer and other devices with the use of a MicroUSB connector. You can also upload it to the internet for easy access to your friends.

“This is a high quality top smart pen because it enhances sound quality and record capacity thanks to its 4GB memory. I use it together with my iPhone. Had no problems with it and that’s one of the reasons I recommend it to others.” Wana McDonough

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