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What to Consider When Buying a Shower Trim Kit


The best shower trim kit reviews all agree that it is important to have the right valve and fixtures. Not only will this ensure that you get a relaxing, full body spray, but it can also make your bathroom a more comfortable and inviting space. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to choose the best shower trim kit in 2019.

A.Shower trim kit


As stated in the best shower trim kit reviews the most important aspect to consider is the manufacturer. Most manufacturers sell trim kits and valves separately, and it is extremely important to make sure both products are the same. A rough in valve that is constructed by one company will not be compatible with trim that was made by another. To ensure that all of the components can be used with each other it is always a good idea to know the serial numbers on the trim kit and valve.


Type of showerhead

Most trim kits also include a matching showerhead, and there are several types to choose from. Massaging shower heads can help invigorate you and often include more than one setting, while hand held models are versatile and convenient. There are also rain shower heads which deliver a relaxing low pressure cascade of water which is always welcome after a long day at work. You also want the included faucet to match the rest of the trim and showerhead, along with being compatible with the valve.



While the best shower trim kit reviews agree that the type of finish is generally a matter of personal preferences, there are some that seem to be more resistant to corrosion and normal wear and tear. Your budget will also help you decide which finish will look best in your bathroom, with the highest priced generally being elegant brushed nickel. You can also choose from beautiful bronze and chrome fixtures, along with some extremely affordable models that are constructed from durable polished brass. As stated in the best shower head trim reviews the right kit for you will be easy to use, and give your bathroom a look you are comfortable with.


Top Shower Trim Kits in 2019


While we can’t pick the right finish and style for your bathroom, we can show you the top rated shower trim kits for 2019. Designed to be easy to install and look great in your bathroom, maybe one of these kits will be exactly what you are looking for to turn your shower into a blissful retreat.


Delta T14253


1.Delta T14253Considered one of the best shower trim kits in 2019 you will love its modern and fully functional design. The large rain showerhead is perfect for long relaxing showers after a particularly stressful day, and the balanced handle ensures the perfect mix of hot and cold water. Designed to give you complete body coverage without hard stinging needles, you will love how relaxed and energized you feel after taking a shower.

With the large showerhead you can enjoy a gentle spray, and it only uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Enjoy how good it feels to not only take a relaxing shower, but to also help conserve water usage. You also have the advantage of the balanced handle that prevents the water from becoming too hot or cold. It is able to maintain this balance in the system even when the valve is turned off.

The brass construction helps to keep the price affordably low, and the polished chrome finish gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. The minimalist design adds an elegant touch to your bathroom, and you will also appreciate knowing that the compatible rough in valve is extremely affordable and easy to find.

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Kohler K-T396-4-BN


2.KOHLER K-T396-4-BNWhile this may look like a standard shower head and handle, there is nothing ordinary about this convenient kit. Manufactured by Kohler you know that this trim kit is elegant and durable, and designed to last through years of use. Perfect for master and guest bathrooms you will love how the brushed nickel looks in the shower, and the stationary head also delivers a powerful and invigorating spray.

The small holes ensure that you get full body coverage, and it will also provide you with a continuous relaxing spray. The matching handle is well balanced for temperature control, and you will also appreciate its included safety features. This shower trim kit is designed to help you stay safe in the shower, which is also a bonus for younger children.

The handle will ensure that the water stays at a comfortable temperature, and will hold it there until you turn the tap off. It will also maintain constant water pressure so you can simply lean back and enjoy a relaxing and invigorating shower. This shower trim kit is also resistant to freezing and the harmful particles that can often be found in hard water.

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Moen T62152


3.Moen T62152You will love how this handle and shower head look in your bathroom, along with its functional design. You also have the advantage of the affordable price, and the included lifetime warranty. The stationary shower head and handle are easy to install, and this trim kit is also compatible with several Moen valves.

This shower trim kit is compliant with all ADA regulations, and you will also appreciate is durable construction. Designed to last through years of use, the chrome finish also adds a modern and elegant touch to your bathroom. The shower head is also designed to deliver a continual refreshing spray, and the balanced handle helps to ensure that the water stays at a constant temperature.

Enjoy taking a long shower with the same water temperature and pressure as when you started, and you don’t have to stop and adjust the handle. The handle is also designed to be easy to turn and grasp. Easy to install and compatible with most Moen valves it is easy to see why this chrome shower trim kit is popular with home owners.

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