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If you want your bathroom to have a simple and affordable means of being tidy and of organizing your shower accessories, you can easily check out the best shower caddy reviews. This is to ensure that you have a top quality product that can hold those essential items you typically use when bathing.

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Location and User

The best shower caddy reviews feature a variety of products that can be used by adults, children and seniors. Considering who will use the product is pretty important since its placement or positioning will help determine its usability for a particular age group. Children will find it easy to use a shower caddy that can be placed low in the bathtub space or shower area to enable easy access to bath toys, soaps, etc. A shower caddy that rises to waist or chest level allows seniors to easily reach for items without stretching their backs too much. Adults will surely appreciate any type of shower caddy that just keeps bathing items organized and within reach at all times.

The shower caddy can hang from the shower head, be mounted to the wall or ceiling, or on the side of the tub. Wall mountable shower caddies can attach to nearly any type of wall, while hanging ones can be placed in different areas of the bathroom.



The suction cups of wall-mount shower caddies enable attachment to any tiled surface. Wall mount units are generally small and can only hold a few containers of shampoo or soap. Make sure the suction cups are of good quality and craftsmanship, with adequate strength to provide strong holding power.

Hanging shower caddies can be placed on the shower head. Over-the-door units are also quite popular. They hang from the shower rod, the bathroom door or the shower stall door, allowing you to utilize them for extra storage.

You can also find corner shower caddies in the best shower caddy reviews. These types employ tension rods that hold them up to the corner of the shower or tub. Some corner-type units also come with suction cups that hold them in place, and have enough space to accommodate your collection of bath accessories, soaps and shampoos.


Material and Add-ons

Plenty of products showcased in the best shower caddy reviews are made of metal. Metal products can either have white rubber enveloping the metal parts or be of chrome. Some shower caddies have plastic construction, which allows them to come in different colors.

Other shower caddies feature both plastic and metal in their construction, such as corner-mount units that have plastic shelves and a metal tension rod.

Expandable shelves in designed shower caddies make these types of products the top rated shower caddies 2019. Shower caddies can feature different types of metal in their construction, with decorative touches and hooks that accommodate hanging items.


Top Shower Caddies in 2019


As simple a product as it may be, the shower caddy can come in a variety of styles, types and prices, which makes it difficult to choose just one product to suit your needs. It is best to study a variety of options instead of settling with a shower caddy that you may not even find useful in the long run. Here are three products we definitely recommend.


OXO Good Grips 2.0


1.OXO Good Grips Stainless SteelThis best shower caddy 2019 does not favor left- or right-handed users, as it offers storage space that features open shelves. The OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy is sturdy and made of stainless steel so it can be used in the shower for years while offering resistance to corrosion. The shower caddy handles a collection of soap bars, shampoos, conditioners, razors and plenty more bathroom essentials. The trays easily pop out for effortless cleaning. The drainage slots prevent water from collecting in the trays. This shower caddy has built-in hooks that allow you to store loofahs and razors. The PVC-free suction cups ensure extra stability of attachment to the bathroom tiles.

The bottle holes in the trays enable you to store shampoos, shower gels and conditioners upside down. The StrongHold hook keeps the shower caddy in place securely, and it pivots to enable easy use plus effortless attachment. This shower caddy can be installed without using any tools. The OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy offers a convenient means of keeping your bathroom essentials well organized and within easy reach. It holds everything you need to keep clean, and is able to offer secure positioning even on sloping or angled shower head pipes.

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Better Houseware Deluxe Chrome

2.Better Houseware DeluxeBuilt with Deluxe Chrome Jumbo Shower Shelves, the Better Houseware Deluxe Chrome Shower Caddy can accommodate large bottles or containers of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. The two razor holders enable you to store your body hair grooming tools within reach. The shower caddy has two hooks on which you can hang your loofahs, body scrubs or sponges. The soap shelf keeps your soap bar easily accessible at all times. No more grappling for a runaway piece of soap that could easily land in the toilet. The shower caddy comes with a non-slip clip that keeps it in place hanging from the shower head.

The suction cups provide added stability and ensure exact leveling on and firm attachment to the tiled surface. Made of heavy gauge chrome with protective coating, this 11-3/4-inch by 3-1/2-inch by 27-inch shower caddy comes with an improved design that easily accommodates new wide handle razors. The shower caddy provides a very convenient way of storing your bathroom essentials and keeping them within easy reach at all times, so you won’t need to step out of the shower just to fetch a bottle of your favorite shampoo or shower gel, or a bar of soap.

Since everything is there right in front of you, showering becomes a great means to relax and let the grime and dirt just wash away with the soap and water.

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InterDesign Raphael


3.InterDesign RaphaelThis is genuinely the best shower caddy 2019 due to its nicely flowing lines that ensure problem-free use. The top shelf of this shower caddy is uniquely designed to allow storage of bottles in an upside down position, so you can simply open and pour with ease. This saves valuable time especially for people constantly on the go, and is perfect for use with flip-top bottles and caps. The shower caddy enables you to place bottles and toiletry jars without worrying that they will topple down easily, as it comes with horizontal and vertical steel wires on the bottom of the shelves to ensure that everything stays upright.

The built-in hooks are perfect for razors, loofahs, scrubs and other shower essentials. The non-slip grip keeps the caddy in place, so it won’t be swinging to and fro when you extract and put back anything in the shelves. The unit is made of durable steel with exclusive Thermobond Rust Resistant coating, ensuring rust-free performance for years to come. Giving your shower space a more modern feel, the InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy measures 21.25 inches x 6.5 inches x 4.5 inches, and it won’t cramp out the shower nor make it feel crowded or small.

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