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How to Buy the Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses


If you’re a nurse, then you’re probably most of the day on your feet, which means that you absolutely have to have shoes that are very comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll end up with lots of blisters on your feet, and that’s just not something anyone wants to experience, and especially not when they’re busy working.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why you should look for a specific type of shoe: in the healthcare profession, there’s a dress code that you  must follow, and so even if comfort wouldn’t be your main concern, you should still get shoes that are made especially for nurses.

Now, the problem is that when you’re purchasing them online, you might have a hard time trying to figure out which ones are the best shoes for nurses 2019 for you, since there are so many models, and it’s not like you can just try them on.

Well, the great news is that there is a way to figure this out, and it’s by doing a bit of research, and checking what the best shoes for nurses reviews reveal about certain products.

A.Shoes for Nurses

Requirements for Dress Code

Of course, the first thing you should check is the requirements of the dress code, as without knowing this, you might just make a purchase that won’t be of any use, because you won’t be allowed to use it.

The type of things you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to the dress code is whether you’ll need shoes with closed toes (and almost certainly you will). Open clog is usually ok, but you would have to check that too. Not only this, but you might have to ensure that the sole is quiet. Finally, you will have to check what color you’re allowed to wear.



The next thing that’s of the utmost importance is that the pair of shoes you’re getting is safe. This means that they have to stay on perfectly well, as opposed to moving around constantly. When it comes to this factor, we recommend you check the best shoes for nurses reviews and see what users have to say about the pair you’re thinking of purchasing.

Not only this, but the best shoes for nurses 2019 are ones that don’t slip, because the last thing you want is to be slipping while working, especially since hospitals often have wet floors.



Finally, you have to ensure that the pair you want to get is comfortable. This is crucial, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet, and, as we discussed above, if the shoes are not comfortable, you’ll end up feeling like you’re in hell. Something you should keep an eye out for is cushioning.

However, even if a pair of shoes has this, it’s still not certain that they’ll be very comfortable. As such, we recommend, once again, to check the best shoes for nurses reviews. That’s because owners won’t shy away from giving very honest opinions on how well a certain pair of shoes felt while wearing them.


Top Shoes for Nurses in 2019


It’s hard to find the best shoes for nurses online, and we know it. However, we wanted to make your life easier, and this is why we looked online through the best shoes for nurses reviews. These gave us lots of great information about different products, but most importantly, it led us to the top rated shoes for nurses 2019, and this is precisely what we’re showing you here. Now all you have to do is figure out which pair works best with your dress code, and you’re done.


Natural Uniform Slip Clogs


1.Natural Uniform Slip ClogsIf your dress code allows you to wear clogs, then this is the perfect pair for you. It comes in 8 different colors, which hopefully covers your own color requirement: white, black, ceil blue, brown, dark navy, light pink, lilac, and royal blue.

The amazing thing about this pair is that it’s very lightweight, which means that you’ll barely feel them on your feet. This is crucial when you’re standing and moving around for hours and hours, because the last thing you want is to have a pair of shoes that’s dragging your feet thanks to its weight.

In addition to being lightweight, they are also flexible, which means that they’re comfortable. Indeed, having a pair of shoes that’s flexible is very important, because it means that your feet will be as close to natural as possible.

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Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog


2.Dansko Women's ProfessionalThese clogs are remarkable for several reasons. First of all, they are made with leather. The reason this is so important is that leather has a ton of benefits, one of which is that it’s very able to follow the shape of your feet as closely as possible, which means that it will turn out to be very comfortable.

Not only this, but this pair is also very comfortable, which, as we mentioned several times, is very important. Indeed, this model has an incredible support of the arch, which is only part of the reason for the increased comfort you’ll be feeling. In addition, it has a padded instep collar, which makes you feel amazing when walking. At the same time, the breathable PU foam footbed provides temperature control, and finally, the rocker bottom is responsible shock absorption.

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Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer


3.Nurse Mates Women'sIf the dress codes states that you’re only allowed to wear loafers, then this is the model for you. These shoes are amazing, first of all because they’re incredibly comfortable. Indeed, you’ll feel as though you’re not wearing anything at all when walking in these.

In addition, they’re slip resistant. As we discussed earlier, having slip resistant shoes is crucial when you’re working as a nurse, because the last thing you want is to be falling around in the hospital.

Finally, these comfortable shoes for nurses are made from leather, which further ensures that they are extremely durable. Not only this, but they also come in 5 different color options, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find yours.

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